KKU Library takes part in an academic position coaching program to provide informational support to future professors of KKU

 KKU Library makes a site visit at an academic position coaching camp to help KKU lecturers prepare their proposals and research for the academic positions.


KKU hosts a coaching camp to train its teachers for filing related documents for the academic positions (assistant professor, associate professor, and professor) in Chiang Khan, Loei between 17-19 September. For this occasion, KKU Library plays crucial role in assisting the teachers in obtaining information they would need for their research writing. A team of KKU librarians  helping out at this camp were; Mrs. Walailuck Sangwanakul, a special skill librarian at Information and Research Promotion Section, Ms. Koonason Uantrai, and Ms. Nata-on Liawprasert.

Mrs. Walailuck Sangwanakul told KKU News that the Library is in charge of providing academic assistances to all KKU teachers and researchers. The library does not only provide book lending but the teachers can turn in to ask for help on writing academic paper, preparing for academic promotion, writing citation and references, research page formatting, and information on research publication. Moreover, KKU Library provides Clinical Research Consultant for those who may have any enquiries about research writing. The research consultant team is willing to provide help to individuals or groups about their academic paper preparation. The team also opens for invitation for class lecture on academic research writing upon request.

Interested person can contact KKU Library on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. In person contact at the Information for research and reference counter, located on the 2nd floor of KKU Information and Technology Building. Tel. 043-202-545. Please visit the website at : https://library.kku.ac.th/article.php?a_id=15


News: Nittaya Choom-Aphai/ Nata-On Liawprasert

Photos: Nata-On Liawprasert / Koonason Uantrai