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Office of Alumni Affairs, Khon Kaen University

The Alumni Affairs Office, Khon Kaen University is formerly known as the Alumni Relations Unit. On the 22nd of July, 2009, the Khon Kaen Unversity Council announced through act 3/2552 on the topic of the establishment of the Office of Alumni Affairs, Khon Kaen University and has the English name “Office of Alumni Affairs”. And on the 9th of October, 2012, the Council of Khon Kaen University announced through act 5/2555 on the topic of establishing a unit within the President’s Office; the Office of Alumni Affairs as a unit under direct control of the President’s Office and the dissolution of the prior office. The Office of Alumni Relations, Khon Kaen University, is responsible for coordinating activities and strengthening good relations between former students and the university. It supports activities of the Alumni Association and the Alumni Clubs in different provinces. In addition, it manages a database for announcements and public relations regarding achievements of alumni as well as achievements of the university.

Alumni Database Khon Kaen University

Alumni of Khon Kaen University are welcome to update personal data in the Alumni Database KKU so the university is able to contact you for various occasions and have your accomplishments to be honor in the future. For alumni who update their information in this period, the university has a souvenir which will be sent to the address you gave… In addition, very special, you will be able to use a 30Gb email from which is the system of KKU in cooperation with Google. By using this email, not only will you get 30Gb, but you will also be able to use all online programs of Google.

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