Invitation to KKU Retirement Ceremony 2019




            Agenda for the Retirement Ceremony
Monday 30 September, 2019:  The Avani Khon Kaen Hotel and Convention Center




– Register

– Music band


– All guests together at the site

– Video clip


KKU President delivers thank you note and admiration to KKU retiring members

– Senior KKU member (Asst. Prof. Dr. Anun Hiransalee) expresses his gratitude to the retiring group.

– Speech by the retirement representative

Baisee Ceremony (Wrist banding ceremony)

– Baisee parade to the site

– Baisee dance

– Baisee ceremony performed by ceremonial expert

– KKU president takes a lead to wrist band the retiring members

– KKU president presents souvenir to the retiring members

– Office presenters present the souvenir to the retiring members


-Finishing of Baisee ceremony and Beginning of food time