KKU unveils KKU Smart Learning, a prototype of modern age learning, at Indonesia

KKU presents KKU Smart Learning, a prototype of modern age learning, at an international conference in Indonesia.

A team of KKU Smart Learning under the lead of Professor Kulthida Tuamsuk, a chairperson of the project for learning proficiency development and digital age citizenship, was invited by Indonesian Higher Education Commission to present KKU Smart Learning in The 2nd International Conference on Social, Education and Humanities (ICOSEEH 2019).

The conference highlighting Sustainable development in developing country for facing industrial revolution 4.0 was chaired by Prof. Dr. H Syafrinaldi SH, a president of Universitas Islam Riau. About 250 participants from various countries attended the activity held on September 5th, at Pekunbaru City of Indonesia.

The conference was aimed to establish all-rounded sustainable development among the developing countries. The conference has been well recognized by the world’s famous research database including; DOI (Digital Object Identifier), T Web of Science Conference, Proceedings Citation Index (ISI), DBLP, EI (Elsevier Engineering Village Index), Scopus, and Google Scholar.

Professor Kulthida said that KKU Smart Learning is an outstanding fundamental education developing scheme of Thailand. The innovations developed under this project have been accepted for national and international presentations.

The key success of the project is the ability to create new learning paradigm that portends to the requirement of the digital world. The presentation of this learning innovation not only brings reputation to Khon Kaen University but also broadcasts research work relating to learning outcomes fueled by the Smart Learning innovation. As a representative of Thailand, Professor Kulthida Tuamsuk was also invited to give a special lecture on the topic of, “Developing high school student’s competency with KKU Smart Leaning Innovations”.

Presented below is a list of lecture topics given in the conference.

Social Sciences: Industry 4.0 and Electronic Government, Digital World and Social Learning, Social Informatics, New Media, Ethic and Regulation, Cyber Law Enforcement, Cyber Crime, and New Media and Democracy

Economy: Digital Platform for Economic Growth, Digital Currency, Sharing Economy, Accounting and Revolution Industry 4.0, Accounting Information System, and Management Information System

Education: Distance Learning in Education, E-Learning, Blended Learning, Applied Technology in Education, Applied Multimedia in Teaching, Massive Open Online Courses, Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning, Best Practices in Multimedia-based Education, Game-based Learning and Gamification, Web 2.0/3.0 in Learning, Innovation in E-Learning, and Development of Smart Learning in Education

Humanity: Media Literacy, Education and Digital Society, Digital Journalism, Citizen and News Production, Human Development and Media, Communication and Digital Culture, Digitalisation of Communication, Film and Documentary Production, Intercultural Communication in Digital Era, The Role of Media in Conflict, Terrorism, and Crisis, Digital Inclusion, Digital Media, Mobile Communication, and Health literacy and Communication

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