Physical Therapy students host activity for marginalized children to mark the 35th years of its establishment.

Physical therapy students run activity to bridge friendship with the children living under privilege condition to gratefully mark its 35th years of the Physical Therapy establishment.

Physical Therapy students hosts an activity entitled, “Bridging of Brotherhood”, marking 35th years of Physical Therapy

On August 31, all of therapy students, years 1-4, from Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences hosted an activity to bridge friendship with the children living under stricken conditions. This activity has been inherited from the first batch students to the current students, batch 35. The faculty initiates the program partially to make its students aware of their role for social attributions. The program also engages the physical therapy students in applying the learnt knowledge to help the handicapped children. The activity is believed to help prompt the students for their future career as physical therapists. This activity welcomed about 100 students from various schools including; Srisangwan School in Khon Kaen, The Center of Special Education Office 9, and the students from Khon Kaen School for the Blind.

The activities were conducted for both the entertaining and the academic purposes. The project also provided suggestions on technic for proper exercising and exercising for physical health resiliency. The project was chaired by Asst. Prof. Pisamai Malila.