KKU trucks rush to help flood victims in Banpai, Khon Kaen

KKU students and staff go to help flood victims in Banpai District in Khon Kaen

       On September 6, 2019, over 10 people – KKU students and staff – provided the victims consumer goods, water, clothes, and medicine donated by flood victim helping center, Student Union. Furthermore, KKU project helping community in crisis gave survival packs and 200 blankets to the victims. Two fully loaded trucks rushed to help people in 3 communities in Banpai District, Khon Kean.     

       Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs, and Miss Tanyaret Srikeaw, President of Student Union, led over 100 students to give survival packs to flood victims. 

       Miss Tanyaret Srikeaw said the donation project originated from the agreement of Student Union Committee and members desiring to help people in need. Although they had not experienced the flood themselves, they saw how difficult the life of flood victims would be. Therefore, Student Union volunteered to be the center that helped the victims from August 30 – September 6, 2019. With kindness, Thai people donated money, necessary things, and dried food continuously. 

       “Our university has implanted sense of dedication for our society to students’ minds since the first day they stepped into the university to help the community as best as we can. Hence, activities of Student Union and clubs focus on volunteer spirit. Donating what we have doesn’t mean we have more than enough, but we know what it’s like when we have nothing left. The little thing we did may be appreciated by some people. Some victims even had to leave everything in their houses, we would like to encourage Isan people to not give up and never lose hope. Today is going to be fine,” said Miss Tanyaret.

       Not only Student Union, but Khon Kaen University also has a department that is ready to help to people in crisis in every year. In this year, KKU project helping community in crisis 2019 took administrators, staff, and students to provide assistance to flood victims.

       Mrs.Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit said Khon Kaen University had a policy to work for the benefits of society by helping those who were facing with crisis, and it was also willing to help flood victims. As a result, KKU urgently collaborated with public and private organizations, staff, and students to give dried food, rice, milk for babies, and medicine to the victims in flood areas.  

       “What we bring today is necessary for the villagers. After talking to them, we found that the drastic flood terribly affected their lives. Thanks to all organizations for collaboration on helping Banpai villagers today. We allocated the money from the donation for convenient survival packs that provided to the villagers just in time. Soon we will visit them again to provide medical services like vaccination and treatment for water-borne diseases,” said Mrs. Natsamol. 

       Miss Pornsuda Lanok, a flood victim in Banpai District in Khon Kaen, said, “Sanchao Community is one of other places terribly affected by flood. Most houses are one-storey high, and they are located next to the stream. On that day, I couldn’t take anything out of my house, and many houses were devastated. I have only one set of clothes left which I’m wearing now, so I’m so grateful to Khon Kaen University for helping people in Sanchao Community in Banpai District.”

       Due to volunteer work based on application of knowledge from research, Khon Kaen University is in the 1st rank of Thailand in the aspect of Social Impact Ranking 2019 arranged by Times Higher Education (THE) – an English organization that arranges the rank of all prestigious universities in the world. Moreover, Khon Kaen University appears in the rank of 101-200 compared to universities all over the world.    


News/ photos: Communication Affairs Division 

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