KKBS joins forces to help flood victims in Banpai District

The Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy comes up with the activity in the theme of “KKBS Joins Forces to Help Flood Victims” to provide necessary things to flood victims in Banpai District 

    Due to Tropical Storm Podul hitting Isan area from August 23 – September 3, 2019, many areas are facing with the drastic flood. Therefore, KKBS organized “KKBS Join Forces to Help Flood Victims” activity which people could donate necessary things for the victims in Banpai District of Khon Kaen, including other areas in Isan. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pensri Jaroenwanit, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy, sent the helping team led by Dr. Pongsutti Phuensane, Associate Dean for Strategic Planning, to the flooded areas on September 5, 2019. KKBS administrators, lecturers, staff, and students also joined the team.

    Dr. Pongsutti Phuensane mentioned that the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy were supporting Podul Storm victims and hoped they would get through it soon. The faculty was ready to provide help with gathering donated things like rice, drinking water, clothes, medicine, cleaning equipments, etc. 

    “First of all, the faculty would like to express our appreciation of the donation organized in the theme of “KKBS Join Forces to Help Flood Victims.” Substantial donation was made to people in Banpai District. Seeing the actual sites in Banpai, we found that the water level had decreased, but many people still need help. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to donate more rice, instant food, drinking water, clothes, school uniforms, toys, beddings, cleaning equipments, and other things at the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy. After gathering the donation, the faculty will distribute it to the victims, and we have planned to visit Banpai, including other areas in Isan soon. Should anyone desire to make a donation of necessary things, please visit Administrating Division of the faculty on the 2nd floor, BS01 Building. For more information, please contact 08-1459-5451 or คณะบริหารธุรกิจและการบัญชี  ม.ขอนแก่น https://www.facebook.com/kkbskku.”

News/ photos:  Warunu Donnue

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