Amazing! The 9th KKU Show and Share for KKU staff with 102 pieces of work submitted to the competition

On December 25, 2019 at the 50th Year of Engineering Building, Human Resource Division of Khon Kaen University organized the 9th KKU Show and Share 2019 for staff members in KKU to present their work project. On this occasion, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kriengkrai Kitcharoen, Vice President for Human Resources, presided over. This event was also attended by over 300 participants consisting of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chuchart Kamollert, Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratchaphon Suntivarakorn, Dean of Faculty of Engineering; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dusadee Ayuwat, Vice President of the project; Asst. Prof. Dr. Jongruk Hongngam, President of the project, deans from different faculties, directors, and staff members from various offices. 

The 9th KKU Show and Share is held with the objectives to support development strategies and move Khon Kaen University towards Learning Organization (LO) by exchanging experiences, success, and pride of supporting staff. The university staff is allowed to present their pieces of work developed from their routine work, which later became good approaches for working, in order to build KKU knowledge management network and to encourage supporting staff to improve their working process, which may lead to new innovation

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kriengkrai Kitcharoen said this activity allowed staff integrated their knowledge for systematic and sustainable development responding to the strategy of people aspect which is expected to enhance well-rounded skills of staff to make KKU internationally recognized.

“It’s my honor to take part in this project, and it’s a great opportunity for everyone here to learn as well as exchange knowledge that can lead to work development of each office. Knowledge management network among faculties can even become stronger, and that can develop new ideas further based on strategy of each faculty or office,” stated Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kriengkrai.

There were 102 qualified pieces of work in the form of posters and presentation on the stage. These pieces of work were classified in3 aspects – 23 pieces of academic support, management, and improvement for excellence; 17 pieces of happy workplace; and 62 pieces of support on management. Among these pieces of work, the first prize went to the team creating KKU Blood Bank Mobile Application entitled “Red Give.”  

Miss Poonsap Sripara, a professional medical technologist and Head of Blood Supplying of Blood Bank, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, revealed as a team member that application “Red Give” development was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kriangsak Jenwitheesuk, Acting Director of KKU Blood Bank.  She and other 9 members were very happy with the prize because the team’s application was created for blood donors and recipients. It could help managing blood bank, sending appointment reminder, receiving form submitted online, reminding blood donors of commemorative blood donor badge, notifying blood donors when there was a need of blood, and following up blood recipients in case of contraction which the recipients could report directly through the application.  Moreover, the team kept evaluating and developing it so that more users could access it. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dusadee Ayuwat revealed that this activity allowed staff from different offices to exchange knowledge. She also saw the determination and potential of creativity in the work that could develop the university further in the future efficiently. 

“Each work show is unique, both creating techniques and design. KKU Blood Bank Mobile Application “Red Give” Team is the winner in the category of support on management. The application meets all criteria and has great effect on many users involving in blood bank. It’s a good idea to develop innovation from routine work. These days, most people rely on digital technology even more, so it’s necessary to create application that is user friendly and improve efficiency of their work,” said the committee.

Besides KKU Blood Bank Mobile Application “Red Give” Team winning the prize in the category of support on management, the winner of academic support, management, and improvement for excellence is the team creating warming plate for fixed smear of bacterial sampling used for staining and microscopic examination, and the winner of happy workplace is the team creating the prototype food shop cooking food good for kidney. The food is now sold at cafeterias of faculties of health sciences and Complex, KKU. Participants of this activity can exchange knowledge to develop it further. At the end, there’s “Wow!! KKU Happy Funny Dance 2019 which is the competition of singing and dancing that everyone can enjoy. 

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Photos: Attapol Hampong

News: Wanida Banyen, a student trainee at Communication Affairs Division


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