KKU prepares staff in public relations network for organizational goal achievement

Development activity in 3 consecutive phases with workshop to enable staff to be able to promptly present press release through digital media

The seminar on public relations network effectiveness’s enhancement and promotion of Khon Kaen University’s image was organized by Special Affairs and Communication Affairs Division, Khon Kaen University. The objectives of the seminar were to inform the policy and prospective changes of communication affairs to staff involving in communication and image promotion and to enhance potential to utilize digital tools and approaches, especially through KKU website. The 3 consecutive phase activity was attended by 80 participants – staff from public relations department of all offices and from Communication Affairs Division.

On December 16, 2019 at Sirikunakorn Building, it was an honor to have Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs, presiding over, remarking opening speech, and giving a talk on the university’s policy and expectation for public relations network. Then Mr. Tanya Pakdee, Director of Communication Affairs Division, gave welcome speech to all participants. After the opening ceremony, there was a forum on “the Past, Present, and Future of KKU Public Relations Network and Sharing of Challenges Which Public Relations Network Has Faced” hosted by Mr. Tanya Pakdee, Director of Communication Affairs Division; Mrs. Wachara Noichompoo, a professional public relations officer; Mr. Udomchai Supanavong, a senior professional public relations officer. There were also a talk on “Khon Kaen University and Press Release” by Mr. Worawit Siripanuwat, a professional public relations officer as well as a talk with workshop on using KKU website by Mr. Chumporn Para, a professional public relations officer.

The activity in phase 2 was organized from December 19-20, 2019 at Phu Kaew Resort, Khao Kho District, Petchabun and attended by staff who had participated in phase 1. The objective of this seminar led by Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit and Mr. Tanya Pakdee was to enable the staff to understand process and approaches to communicate through different kinds of media. The activities of the seminar consisted of 1) presenting in-depth news with higher value by Miss Rawiporn Saisantong, Mrs. Wachara Noichompoo, and Mr. Chumporn Para; 2) communication through radio network by Mrs. Benjamaporn Mamuk; 3) graphic design for communication by Mr. Attapol Hampong and Mr. Nattawut Petprapai; 4) communication through photos and video presentation by Mr. Attapol Hampong, Mr. Nattawut Petprapai, Mr. Nattapong Chamnanaue, and Mr. Chaichan Lada; and 5) university’s communication through activities, presss release, welcoming activity, social event, and communication through photos to improve university’s image by Miss wanlaya Phungam, Mr. Apichat Maneechak, Miss Chutamas Pilachai, and Mr. Boripat Tasee. Besides these activities, there was an activity to admire staff involving in the front-page news and allow them to share their experience of public relations which helped promoting the image of their offices. 

On December 24, 2019, the activity in phase 3 was the workshop on using new KKU website at KKU Library by Mr. Chumporn Para. The objective of the workshop was to grant permission to staff and to train them how to post their news on the new website launched in December 2019 to replace the previous one. 

     Mr. Chumporn Para, the workshop trainer and new website developer improving news post system, said, “Social media is one of powerful communication tools, so we need to improve efficiency of our website and encourage other public relations offices in the university to use this channel. The reasons are 1) The main website will gather all reliable information in it, and people can share this information through social media, such as Facebook and Line that can link people to our website; 2) Our website is like “home” which we are the owner that can adjust or decorate as we like whereas social media are like rental houses; 3) Website can raise the university’s credibility because our url is more reliable than ones of Facebook or other sources. Moreover, university ranking is mainly evaluated by content on our website, and offices in the university need to access reliable information including statistic from the website to create their annual report; and 4) Website can be easily found in Google search results, that is, people can access to the information very fast.   

At present, 79 representatives from various offices including Nong Khai Campus can access the new KKU website with improved news posting system to present their offices’ news consistent with their work objectives.


News: Udomchai Supanavong

Photos: Boripat Tasee and Attapol Hampong

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