Architecture students present community development camp that has been conducted consistently over the past 20 years

On November 15, 2019, a group of architecture students from KKU, led by Mr. Pirawat Sangchalee and Mr. Isara Chasa-nguan, attended the 19 ACT FORUM 19 held in The Impact Challenger Hall, Muangthongthani. The participants were encouraged to present the architectural masterpieces conforming to the concept called, “Devotion by Design”, which was aimed at making the community a more livable place. The KKU representatives presented the success of social development camp activities that have been performed annually by the architecture students for twenty-consecutive years. According to Asst. Prof. Dr. Juntanee Jirunthanat, the project advisor, the social development camp is a place where the architecture students learn to put their learnt knowledge to work. The students’ senses of social responsibility and team working are also triggered by the activity. The project provides supports to school of needs where the architecture students are engaged to apply their skills in amending the school environment, building library, and playgrounds. This activity provides the participants students with the experience that they will never obtain by a conventional instruction. After the presentation in Bangkok, the social development camp operated by the KKU architecture students attracted huge public attention and some tentative supporters. 

[ Thai ]

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