Veggie Growing: a measure for Happy Work Place

KKU promotes safe vegetables cultivation as means for creating happy work place.  

On November 14, 2019, Mr. Thanya Pakdee, a director of the office for central administration, acting director of public communication affairs and chairman of the network for safe vegetable planting of KKU, led a team of 60 staff working at different offices at Sirikunakorn Building in a safe vegetable growing activity, which has been conducted for nine consecutive years. Honorable guests presented at the site which is a large plot located behind Sirikunakorn Building, were Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrungsalid, a vice president for special affairs, Mrs. Suparat Moolsri, a director of the university council office, and Mrs. Khanita Sodamak, an acting director of the internal auditing unit.         

Mr. Thanya Pakdee said the activity has been conducted for nine consecutive year. The pleasant news was that there were more number of participants joining the event each year. The participants were officers from different offices in Sirikunakorn Building and KKU Administrative Building 2. Each office is assigned to take care of 2-3 plots depending on the number of people they have in each office. Saplings of morning glory, cabbage and Chinese kale were distributed to the participants. 

“…In addition to having safe and free vegetable, another most expected outcome from the project is the collaboration among the staff working at the administrative buildings. It is impressive to see people working together to take care of their plots and sharing of the products that they have growth together. It is amazing how growing vegetables together can lead to mutual understanding and sharing among these people. This is how small veggie seeds help us creation of happy workplace.”  Said Mr. Thanya.

News: Watchara Noichomphoo/Udomchai Supanawong
Photos: Watchara Noichomphoo/Udomchai Supanawong/Boripat Tasee 

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