Presentation of practicum work abroad under collaboration with international veterinary institutes

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, KKU and the “Presentation of practicum work under collaboration with international veterinary institutes”, academic year 2018 

    Thursday October 3, 2019 – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Khon Kaen University, by the international affairs section organized the 2018 “Presentation of practicum work under collaboration with international veterinary institutes” at Achanai Room, 5th Floor, Pichet Luangthongkum Building of the faculty. During the past years, the faculty has supported and promoted the students to have a chance to conduct part of their studies abroad in order to add to their experience and knowledge in veterinary medicine and to be able to compete with other institutions. The faculty’s MOUs with many international institutions have enabled students and faculty to go abroad as exchange students and personnel. In the academic year 2018 alone, the faculty sent 24 3rd and 5th year students to do their practicum work as follows: 

  1. College of Animal Science and Technology, Southwest University, People’s Republic of China – 8 students 
  2. National Chun Hsing University, Taiwan – 3 students 
  3. Airlangga University, Indonesia – 2 students
  4. Gadjamada University, Indonesia – 2 students 
  5. Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University, Japan – 4 students
  6. Bacgiang University, Vietnam – 2 students 
  7. Laurentian University, Canada – 2 students 

     The main objective of the project is to have the exchange students to present their practicum work including their life abroad, their academic as well as other experiences such as travelling and other activities to lecturers and other students. A lot of lecturers, staff members and 3rd and 5th year students attended. The faculty expects that the students who attended the session received useful information for them to make decision to apply for the exchange program in the following years. 

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