KKU organizes the 19th Siharat Coffee Association Games to tighten around-the-campus relationship

Communications Division of KKU hosted the 2019 19th Siharat Coffee Association Games to enhance relationship with communities around the campus, with over 200 people joining. 

       September 13, 2019, Communications Division of Khon Kaen University hosted the 2019 19th Siharat Coffee Association Games. Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrangsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs conveyed the opening address. Over 200 administrators and members of Siharat Coffee Association, staff of Communications Division joined, at KKU Physical Education Building.

       This Siharat Coffee Association relationship games is organized to respond to Khon Kaen University’s strategic plan as an organization that cares for the societies inside the campus and the communities outside the campus. The occasion also provides a chance to exchange ideas, information, and news as well as enhances the network.

       Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrangsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs explained that this year, Khon Kaen University was the host. The games are divided into teams of blue and pink colors. The games included mixed basketball game, mixed chair ball game and miscellaneous games for fun. “Today we change from the meeting room atmosphere to sports competition in order to tighten our relationships. I believe that all members of the coffee association will be happy today. On behalf of Khon Kaen University, thank you all for the work we’ve been doing together. I hope that you will enjoy the event today that will lead to smooth operations together for the development of the communities around the campus.”

       Mr. Sitthipol Paholyhap, Principal of Siharat Dechochai School and Secretary of Siharat Coffee Association revealed that the relationship game this time has been arranged for the second year. It is the cooperation with intention to call the members from the 19 organizations to join in exercising and building relationship and acquaintances. We regularly meet every month to plan the community development work. Each organization takes turn being the host. The meeting usually lasts 102 hours and we exchange news and opinions together. However, this sports will take more time, but will bring a lot of fun to all of us so that we will work together smoothly.”

       Siharat Coffee Association was established from cooperation of official organization over 8 years ago. The objectives are to create an association that assists all of us and to build strong communities. There are regular activities that are joined together by the members, which are: Khon Kaen University, the 8th Infantry Unit, Siharat Dechochai School, Youth and Children Training Center, Area 4, Medical Science Center 7, Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen Skill Labor Development Area 6, Rachawadee Resort and Hotel, Khon Kaen Airport, Tanyarak Hospital, Barom Rachachonnanee College, Ban Pet Municipality, Ban Pet Provicial Police Office, Office of National Television and Communication Area 2, Juvenile Observation and Protection Center, Khon Kaen, Royal Northeastern Artificial Rain Center, Northeast Meteorology Center, Upper Northeast Forensic Center Area 4, Provincial Electricity Authority Area 2 (Maliwan). 

News / photos: Communications Division, Khon Kaen University

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