University Council appoints Asst. Prof. Tala Thammaroj (M.D.) as a new KKU acting president

The University Council of Khon Kaen University appoints Asst. Prof. Tala Thammaroj (M.D.) as a new acting president

Khon Kaen University Council called a meeting on 31July, 2019 to discuss the measures for continuing the university’s missions following the ending of the current acting presidential term. For this purpose, the university council of Khon Kaen University appointed Asst. Prof. Tala Thammaroj (M.D.) as a new acting president. Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, an acting vice president for Digital University Development has more to explain about this event.

The topic for the university council discussion was to appoint a person to be working as a new acting president of the university. Following the proposal of the university council issued in late 2018 in which Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongviriyakul (M.D.) was appointed for the royal enactment as a new KKU president. Until to the time when the royal endorsement has been issued, Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongviriyakul is regulated to be placed on an acting president position.

As an acting president, Assoc. Prof. Chanchai also holds another position as a dean of the faculty of medical sciences. Based on the regulation imposed by Khon Kaen University Act, a head of departments or offices—in this case a dean is a head of department—can hold an acting position for other offices for a period of not exceeding 180 days. Assoc. Prof. Chanchai has been the acting president of KKU for almost 180 days and according to KKU law, the extension of his second term as an acting president is not possible. Therefore, it is important for the university council to find a new acting president.

In order to continue the four year development plan that had been approved by the university council, Khon Kaen University council deems it appropriate to keep the team of the current administrators, whose names were proposed by Assoc. Prof. Chanchai, to continue the administrative mission. Accordingly, the university council has appointed Asst. Prof. Tala Thammaroj (M.D.) as a new acting president of KKU, whose office term is affective from now on.

Following the termination of the acting president term due to the KKU regulation, the acting vice presidents were also ousted. With the intention to help maintain the stability continuity of the four-year missions that have been partially implemented, the new acting president, Asst. Prof. Tala proposed to the university council to reappoint the ousted vice president team to retake the office as the acting vice president. Some new names were also proposed due to the intention former vice president to not take the position again. The appointment of the vice president for this occasion is compliance with the regulations in Article 23(2) and (16), Articles 32, 33, 34, and 36 of Khon Kaen University Act issued in 2015. It is also endorsed by the university council meeting (1/2019) held on 31 July, 2019 in appointing the following names as the acting vice presidents of Khon Kaen University.

1. Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, from The Faculty of Agriculture, as the Vice President for Student Development and Nongkhai Campus.
2. Professor Suphachai Pathumnakul, from The Faculty of Engineering, as the Vice President for Innovation and Enterprise.
3. Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, from The Faculty of Engineering, as the Vice President for Digital University Development.
4. Professor Monchai Duangjinda, from The Faculty of Agriculture, as the Vice President for Research and Academic Services.
5. Asst. Prof. Arwut Yimtae, from The Faculty of Engineering, as the Vice President for Infrastructures and Environment.
6. Assoc. Prof. Niyom Wongpongkham, from The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, as The Vice President for Art, Culture, and Creative Economy.
7. Assoc. Prof. Maitree Inprasit, from The Faculty of Education, as The Vice President for Education.

Asst. Prof. Denpong added that for the time being, the prevailing regulation has not yet imposed any suggestive measures on what should be done in a case that the holding of the acting position is exceeding a period of 180 days. In addition, similar situation may take place with the acting position at the lower office levels such as the dean, assistant dean. For the preventive purpose, it is advised that regulations be enacted to prevent the future difficulties resulted from the lack of supporting law.

“The new appointed administrators will have to work alongside with the university council to sort out the problems relating to the directing of the university while it is important to ensure the smooth transition and the continual of the missions that have been approved by the university council. During the past acting presidency period, Assoc. Prof. Chanchai has showed his sincere intention to collaborate with the university council in raising the university standard and bring about better community. I would encourage all KKU people and stakeholders to take part in mobilizing the missions of the university to help create benefit to our community and to raise the standard of Thai education”. Added Vice President Denpong.

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