Demonstration School students, Faculty of Education, KKU, wins the international 2024 Robocup Japan Open

Khon Kaen University two months ago congratulated Mr. Siwachanat Saengsuwan (Seen), and Master Wachirawit Arayasatjapong (Fu), two 10th graders and Miss Fasai Jasmin Fuengchan, an 11th grader of Khon Kaen University Demonstration School, Secondary Level (Faculty of Education), the 3 students in the Dinonaut, for winning the first prize at the Thailand Open Robotics Competition 2024 (LOGISTICS) at the national level in March this year. The 3 students then joined the KMITL Robotics and AI team of the Robotics and AI program, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Lad Krabang as the Country’s representatives to enter the 2024 Robocup Japan Open in Japan. KKU now congratulates them again for winning the first prize for Thailand.

The 2024 and 19th Robocup Japan Open was held at Shiga Daihatsu Arena, Otsu, Japan, from on May 27-30, 2024. This robocup competition is the important one of Japan and equivalent to the international competition like the World Robocup. This year, 10 leagues entered the event, with over 400 participants from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Robocup Japan Open follows the Rulebook of the 2024 World Robocup, where the task is distributed from the central server only. The managing team was the Trustee from RoboCup, who are Japanese. It is the first time Thailand has won different countries with a self-developed robot, while others used the ready-made ones from leading companies in the Industrial Logistics League.

From right: Mr. Siwachanat Saengsuwan (Seen), Miss Fasai Jasmin Fuengchan, and Master Wachirawit Arayasatjapong (Fu)

Mr. Siwachanat Saengsuwan (Seen), Master Wachirawit Arayasatjapong (Fu), and Miss Fasai Jasmin Fuengchan are members of the Robotics and AI Club of the Demonstration School, Secondary Level (Faculty of Education), Khon Kaen University. The school provides opportunities for students to experiment of new things and has the vision to be a leading school in educational Innovation. Instruction corresponds to the 21st Century necessary skills and emphasizes creativity among students so that they possess the knowledge, competency, moral, ethics and will become a good world citizen in the future. Research is also aimed at to build bodies of knowledge in educational innovation for benefits in the development of fundamental education. There are academic services directed on training of teaching profession for the students of the Faculty of Education and other institutions.


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