Teams of KKU Architecture students sweep awards from SCG HPB Design Contest Young Design Expert

Congratulations to the 4 teams of Khon Kaen University Architecture students who were awarded the first prize, the first and second runner-up prizes, and the honorable mention award at the SCG HPB Design Contest Young Design Expert (Northern Isan). This event featured the design contest of houses and the surrounding landscape under the concept: “Modern and Beautiful World Friendly Houses with SCG Green Materials”. The internal usage size was set at 80-120 square meters and the construction budget of 800,000-1,500,000 baht. The teams were supervised by Assoc. Prof. Kullasri Tungsakul, Ph.D. The teams went to receive the prizes on April 9, 2024.

Miss Marisa Chonpracha, the representative of the winning team related that their design concept of the house called, “Normal is fulfilled” was simplicity under the consideration of the worthiness of the usage space, the decoration and energy efficiency, through selection of SCG materials and allocation of usage space so that users can live in the house happily, both in terms of physical aspect (money and body) and mental aspect, even though the area was limited. The contest was divided into 2 rounds. In the first round, the works submitted were screened and there were 10 teams left. In the second round, the teams presented their works and the final judgment was made. There were 6 prizes per province: first prize, first runner-up prize, second runner-up prize and two honorable mention prizes. “Since we are used to this kind of assignment, we did not have any problem in understanding the question and condition. The difficult part was working in limited time. The work also required a lot of understanding of the materials to be used, for each material has its own property and different limitations, and we had to study well whether each material was suitable and usable or not. Time was also needed for studying and improving the work so that there is the creativity incorporated.”

“For friends and younger classmates who want to enter such contest, we believe that everyone of us has the skill, ability and creativity. So if there is the chance, you should try submitting your work. It does not matter what the result will be. You should try first. There can be failure, but that is normal. The final judgment is from the committee. We just do our best of our capacity and learn to develop ourselves. Success will come one day.”


Following are the winners of SCG HPB Design Contest Young Design Expert (Northern Isan):
First Prize: Sky Dimension Team, receiving the cash award of 15,000 baht
The team included: Miss Marisa Chonpracha, Mr. Issaranuwat Sasai, Miss Pattamaporn Uthep, 4th year architectural major students

First Runner-up Prize: Nonna Team, receiving the cash award of 8,000 baht
The team included: Mr. Wutthical Knotcha, Miss Panjakorn Khonsamrong, 3rd year architectural major students

Second Runner-up Prize: Mr. Thatchai Buaphat, a 2nd year architectural major student, receiving the cash award of 5,000 baht

Honorable Mention Prize: Mr. Kittiphat Bangsiri, Mr. Apiwat Saensri, 2nd year architectural major students, receiving the cash award of 2,000 baht
News: Kannapat Sirikiat
Photos: SCG HPB Design Contest Young Design Expert and the awardees


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