Faculty of Medicine holds ‘Share and Learn’ event under the topic: “Enjoy Learning for Sustainability Organization”

August 10, 2023 – Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University held the Share and Learn Project, which is an annual event held every year. This year, it is under the topic: “Enjoy Learning for Sustainability Organization”. Prof. Songsak Kiatchusakul, M.D., Director of Srinagarind Hospital, presided over the opening ceremony.

This project has as its objectives to promote learning and sharing for the personnel so that they are able to exchange experiences and success and utilize the knowledge for improving their job; and to discover ‘Best Practices’ under the missions of the Faculty of Medicine from the bodies of knowledge possessed by each individual for more utilization. The target is knowledge management: one department per one major body of knowledge that leads to a sustainably learning organization. At the same time, the major valuable bodies of knowledge would be disseminated in the medical circle. There are 5 categories of these bodies of knowledge, namely, support for academic and student development, support for management and administration, support for health care services, health care and medical professions, and research and innovations.


Assoc. Prof. Pattarapong Makornwes, M.D., Vice Dean for the Northeast Queen Sirikit Heart Center and for Human Resource Management said on behalf of the Knowledge Management Committee that 182 work outcomes of the above 5 categories were submitted to the committee. The event also featured an academic conference for the implementation committee, staff members of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University and hospitals in the Northeast. The event today answered the Faculty of Medicine’s strategy in development of new knowledge and the attempt to bring the existing knowledge and experiences of the personnel towards utilization and innovation development that will lead the organization towards sustainability. The works also correspond to the direction of the University as a university of innovations, and, additionally, bring the country towards competitive competence, security and sustainability. Every member is an important mechanical gear that propels organizational development in accordance with the target of one department per one major body of knowledge.

The event featured the following sessions:

Part 1: Asst. Prof. Anucha Somabutr, Ph.D. presented a special talk on: “From Knowledge Management towards Artificial Intelligence”. Asst. Prof. Anucha Somabutr is an expert in application of digital technology for increasing the organizational competency. The world at present is in the age of leaping changes, especially in technologies, which are very important for development. Application of digital tools to support each job is the approach that decreases time and steps of works, particularly on the age of AI. It is not uncommon that we all will have AI colleagues, whose appearance does not matter, but the truth is they will sit beside us and help us carry out our work.

Part 2: Dr. Pinyo Ratanapan presented a special talk and ran a workshop on: Learning Happily or Ikigai-based Learning”. Dr. Pinyo Ratanapan is an expert in Organization Development and an IKIGAI coach. He began by introducing the importance of IKIGAI and how IKIGAI is popular. He then asked the participants the following question: “What is the reason behind our waking up each day? Then he went on to share the meaning of IKIGAI, which is the reason for being, or something that reflects the direction or the purpose of life of a person. This makes the person feel his life is valuable and has the inner inspiration to live happily. Therefore, the person is satisfied with his life and believes that his life is meaningful.

The afternoon activities comprised learning and sharing of knowledge from KM Fresh market or “The market of knowledge for exchange of work processes” and KM Best Practice talks. There were 5 work outcomes that were awarded in the 5 categories.

News: Kamonporn Wannapake





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