Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences holds a meeting on “Strategy for Managing Intellectual Properties to Add to Commercial Research Values and Work Outcomes for Higher Academic Positions”

This project answers the policies of the Government and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. Khon Kaen University, from analyzing the governmental directions regarding the policies, has transformed the University’s strategic plans and administration of 2020-2023, together with clarification of the implementation plans for the fiscal year 2022. There are changes in the Second Strategy: development of research system, by giving more emphasis on internationalization, research studies that respond to the national issues, development of community innovations, business innovations, and social innovations.

Therefore, in order to achieve the University’s outcomes and indicators, Khon Kaen University is transforming the research, innovation and academic working system that will promote and support the lecturers, researchers, and graduate students more. Another goal is to build a network of researchers and external entrepreneurs. The project is aimed at training the participants to have the skills and knowledge. It also provides information about how to apply for scholarships from both internal and external sources, in order to obtain research works and intellectual properties. The University wants to increase the efficiency in the management of intellectual properties that will add values to research works for commercial and social benefits. Researchers and lecturers will be able to use the intellectual properties to apply for their higher academic positions. The event was officially opened by Asst. Prof. Kiat Saengarun, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences.

The project itself has been carried out from May until June, 2022. The talks were divided into 3 sessions as follows:

First session: Tuesday May 31, 2022

Topic 1: “Basic Knowledge and Management of Intellectual Properties in a University”

By Dr. Sappawat Witthayasai, Manager of Intellectual Properties and Technology Transfer Unit (TLO), Chiangmai University

Topic 2: “Management Strategy for Intellectual Properties to Increase Commercial and Social  Research Values of Khon Kaen University”

By Khun Jiraporn Luangpairin, Director of the Intellectual Properties Center of Khon Kaen University

Second session: Monday June 6, 2022

Topic 1: “Management of Research Work and Intellectual Properties that Meets the Funding Sources and Social Needs”

Topic 2: “Promoting Utilization of and Business Building from Intellectual Properties”

By Asst. Prof. Akkarawit Kanjana-opas, Assistant to the Director of the Office of National Science and Technology Development

Third session: Friday June 10, 2022

Topic 1: “Intellectual Properties and Creation of Academic Works for Higher Academic Positions”

Topic 2: “Applying Academic Positions under the OCSC’s Announcement of the 2021 Principles for Other Work Outcomes”

By Prof. Surasak Wongratanacheewin, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, a sub-committee member for standards and quality of higher education and a committee member of Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS)

The event was organized at NK-1403, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Khon Kaen University Nongkhai Campus in the form of Video Conference and ZOOM Meeting.

The organizers expected that the participating lecturers, researchers and graduate students would receive knowledge and techniques for creating intellectual properties, innovations, products, and creative services. They are also expected to be able to develop their project proposals for scholarship funding from both internal and external organizations of Khon Kaen University, to learn about the ways to produce intellectual properties for publication in national and international databases as well as adding values to research for commercial purposes and application for higher academic positions from other types of academic works.

News / Photos: Asst. Prof. Wallapa Wongsilatham, Ph.D.

News Presenter: Anirut Sutthinan



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