QSHC – Getting prepared for Covid-19

November 24, 2020 at Queen Sirikit Heart Center – a preparation program for Covid-19 was carried out to train doctors, nurses and relevant officers. The event featured simulation of Covid-19 situation, with patient refer to ER where officers contact the doctor and related professional team before the patient is sent to AIIR. After this, there will be coordination with the Lab for sending specimen and for informing the patient’s result before moving the patient through the Negative Chamber system. All steps have been smoothly rehearsed.

This event was organized for all officers to be acknowledged of problems and obstacles in the operation. This was done before the JCI evaluation, with an aim to build confidence among the public and those receiving services at the hospital. Moreover, the event was also carried out as a means of surveillance of the spread of Covid-19.



QSHC ซ้อมแผนรับมือ Covid-19


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