KKU Library is developing online service to support students with physical impairments

At present, there are altogether 76 physically impaired students studying at Khon Kaen University. For equity and impartiality in their lives and learning when compared to other students, Khon Kaen University has arranged, since three years ago, reading spaces and utilities for these students, including computers, earphones, reading desks, comfortable sitting space, book shelves, Brail books, and wheelchairs. From the spread of the virus Covid-19 and the on-line classes of students, the students with physical impairments also receive the impact. Therefore, the Library has developed an online service system to support online learning for these students.

Mr. Prasit Prathumrat, a professional information document officer who developed the Disability Service Website said that the Library will be able to provide full service as of October 5, 2020. The service includes the following:
1. Information searching assistance
2. Reservation service for reading space at the main library
3. Book locating assistance
4. Book and equipment borrowing service
5. Recommending for information resources

Users can fill in the online form to apply for different services and assistance. The officer will receive your online request through the Line Application and can provide the service promptly. Apply at: http://libservice.kku.ac.th/disability

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News: Nitiya Sriworadechpaisan

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