Students of KKU Astronomy Club organize solar eclipse observing activity with telescope and provide knowledge to people

 The main objective was to make people including youth and students understand as well as become aware of scientific phenomena

  On December 26, 2019 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., it was reported that partial solar eclipse could be seen in Thailand. Dr. Chaiyapong Ruangsuwan, the advisor of KKU Astronomy Club and lecturer from Physics Program of the Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University; 3rd year Physics Program student Mr. Pisit Sansuk, President of KKU Astronomy Club and Science Classrooms in University – Affiliated School Project; together with other students in the club organized solar eclipse observing activity with 3 astronomical telescopes including solar eclipse viewer glasses and provide knowledge to people at Food and Service Complex, KKU.

  Mr. Pisit Sansuk said KKU Astronomy Club was the place where people who were interested in astronomy gathered to exchange knowledge and do volunteer activity for society so that all members could have working experience with other members. At present, there were 40 members. The main activity of the club was star observing camp in winter at Chulabhorn Dam in Chaiyaphum. Students from every faculty were welcomed. There were also experts providing knowledge at the camp. The 12th year of the camp would take place in February 2020. Moreover, if any schools needed help with astronomical equipments, the club members would visit them with necessary tools supported by Faculty of Science. The purpose was to make people, staff, and students understand as well as become aware of rare phenomena that they could witness with their own eyes. That was also a part of volunteer activities that students could do.

  He added at the end, “I personally think that the attractiveness of astronomy is scientific beauty and mystery because we can only see those stars but haven’t known all about them. What’s more, astronomical phenomena are naturally rare, so it’s fascinating and keeps us learning more about them.”

News/ photos: Udomchai Supanavong

[ Thai ]

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