KKU Radio invites researchers in broadcasting to the public long-term health benefits of Pongpaknua, an MFG substitution

On December 24, 2019, Department of Public Communication invited a group of experts on safe herbal products to discuss the benefit of Pongpaknua which is an alternative of MFG. Joined in the discussion were: Dr. Pimnipha Hiransorn; a teacher from Department of Food Technology, Ajan Banjob Chatong; a chairman of Community Safe Herbal Group from Sila Sub-district, Ajan Sunya Sarmart; an assistant chairman of Community Safe Herbal Group, Mrs. Buarian Pimsee, and Ajan Warapon Wangdeeson; a presenter of Health Promotion Club. The discussion was aired at FM. 103 HHz chanel as moderated Ms. Chutinan Panjaroong, a public communication officer of KKU. 

Dr. Pimnipha Hiransorn; a teacher from Department of Food Technology, together with Ajan Banjob Chatong; a chairman of Community Safe Herbal Group from Sila Sub-district, Ajan Sunya Sarmart; an assistant chairman of Community Safe Herbal Group, shared the stage to discuss the origin of Pongpaknua research. The study was formed via collaboration between Community Safe Herbal Group from Sila Sub-district and Khon Kaen University. Based on their lesson from Sakonnakhon, The Community Safe Herbal Group from Sila Sub-district is proficient on the types of flavors available from different kind of herbs. Then the group joned with KKU to learn about product and packaging development, the attempt was well supported by Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy. The collaboration goes under the supervision of:  Asst. Prof. Dr. Duangchan Nachaisin; a lecturer from Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Dr. Pimnipha Hiransorn; a lecturer from Department of Food Technology of Faculty of Technology who is a recipient of The National Research Council of Thailand. Dr. Pimnipha Hiranson studied the levels and the types of nutrients and chemicals found in different herbs including; garlic, onion, onion spring, Gantong, Maroom, Sompoi, Chamaung, Pakwanpa, Sadadin, and custard leaf, among others. The information about the type of chemicals found in these plants was mixed with special rescipe to form a compound called Pongpaknua which can be use in place of MFG as an adoring and tasting adding. The product will be continued and advanced for commercial gain. 

Dr. Pimnipha Hiransorn; a teacher from Department of Food Technology

Mrs. Buarian Pimsee, a head of the Health Promotion Center from the village number 14, said she had been a real fan of heavily flavored food with intensified use of MFG. This practice had accumulative effect on her health and the deterioration is clearer at her older year. Due to her health concern, she was advised to milder her diet and get more exercise. She followed the prescription together with the lowering of MFU use. Now she enjoys having a better health and feels thankful for this project. Mrs. Buarian insists that Pongpaknua can be used effectively in place of MFG with a guarantee of food’s adorable taste and good health at the same time.  

Ajan Waropon Wangdeeson, a retired official, said her addiction to Isan food such as Gang-om and Somtam makes it inevitable for her to have a heavy diet of taste-additives such as pickled-fish sauce and MFG. Without these additives, her dishes seemed to be totally tasteless. The busy hours in life forced her to be dependent on “plastic food”, a kind of vendor food sold ina ready-to-go form packed in plastic-bag.  After heavy years of this exposure, her tongue experienced anesthesia. Warapon had more time to cook for herself, then she felt the improvement of her health, which could be a result of her cleaner diet. 

Ajan Pimnipha Hiransorn added that as a coin that always has two sides, everything else has both pros and cons on its own and this fact is applicable to MFG. This taste additive is beneficial when moderately applied in cooking. A suggested dose of 1 tea spoon  of MFG per day can activate taste sensing glands, helping escalade level of appetite while over dosing can lead to some problems including intensifying sodium level in the body. MFG over consuming is found associated with Insulin resistance leading to; diabetes, Alzheimer, NCDs, nervous system malfunctioning, and reproductive ailments. To avoid these health risks, it is suggested that the rate of MFG use be reduced. Pongpaknua can be effective alternative for food and health lovers. 

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News: Chutinan Pancharoong

Photos: Suriya Seeprompan

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