KKU and Center for Silk Promotion plan a scheme to promote silk products under Sookgraserm Brand

KKU Academic Service Center and Center for Silk Promotion Under a Royal Patronage of Queen Sirikit of Sookgraserm Community plan a scheme to promote silk products under Sookgraserm brand. The performance is a preparation for the product presentation of the World Silk Fair that will be held in Khon Kaen in August 2020.

Presented at a meeting held on December 12 at Tagraserm Sub-district, Namphong were a group of people consisted of Asst. Prof. Dr. Sathorn Porntrakulpipat, a deputy director of academic service center, Ms. Pimolrat Methintarungsan, a representative of the silk center, and Mr. Niyom Klangnongsang, a president of Tagraserm Local Administration Office.

Dr. Sathorn Porntrakulpipat said “One of the KKU’s developmental policy is to promote a blueprint for community development and to trigger community shared value (CSV). Tagraserm community fit particularly for this purpose. To set a plan for the silk product promotion, KKU Academic Service Center, Center for Silk Promotion and Tagraserm Local Administration Office, accordingly join together to set off the scheme.”

Mr. Niyom Glangnongsang, a president of Tagraserm Local Administration Office, said Tagraserm sub-district has two effective occupational groups, the guava planters and the silk makers. Guava product from this community presents a high quality product that is recognized and accepted to be put on the shelves of Top Supermarket. The silk maker group also has developed their own unique silk pattern called, “Magramtakuay”. Unfortunately, the product still undergoes price crisis. It is hoped that by working with KKU and the Silk Center, the problem should be soothed.

Following the meeting held with the villagers, it was concluded that an all-rounded silk development should be conducted to prepare for the presentation at The World Silk Product that will be held by Khon Kaen Province in August, 2020. By this designated time, the community’s silk center will be equipped with the following amendments: 1) The water system for silk worm food planting, 2) The standard in entwining silk thread, 3) Obtaining a royal award in silk product under the royal brand of Peacock, 4) Develop more new and universal pattern such as Cangankoon pattern, 5) The packaging development to create added value for the Sookgraserm silk product.

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