KKU’s Dentistry continues the 37th year of Good Teeth, Happy Life

Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University continues the 37th year of the project “Good Teeth, Happy Life” in Banfang District, Khon Kaen Province

Friday 23 August, 2019, Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University organized the 37th year of “Good Teeth, Happy Life” project led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rajda Chaichit (DT), Associate Dean for Strategies. Mr. ChaideeRatanapreeda, Banfang District Chief, presided over the opening ceremony, and Mr. Kittipit Srisanoi, the president of the 37th year project, gave a report speech at Banfang Wittayayon School in Banfang District, Khon Kaen. In this event, there were teachers, students, and the great number of people participating.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Rajda Chaichit said that dentistry students could obtain practical experience from this activity, and because oral health was important to adults as well as children, our body system would malfunction if there were problems with teeth. The fieldwork objective was to educate people participating in this event about oral health care so that they could tell other people in their community. In the event, there were also oral care advice and oral health check-up. Hopefully, this exhibition could provide useful knowledge to people efficiently.

Mr. Kittipit Srisanoi, saw an importance of oral health; as a result, the 37th year of “Good Teeth, Happy Life” project were organized with objectives to provide basic oral care services, hold an exhibition, create educational and recreational activities that could raise awareness about their own and their families’ oral health care, and enable knowledge exchange including giving holistic education to participating people such as students, public health personnel, and people in Banfang District. Moreover, this could strengthen collaboration between community, educational institutes and health organization network to improve people’s health.

Mr. Kittipit added, “This event is organized by the 4th year students and participated by all year of dentistry students which are 237 in total. Students from year 1-6 proceed under the theme of ‘nice teeth in the northeastern region,’ and this fieldwork give them extracurricular experience which is work training and beneficial to community because medical personnel are insufficient and some people cannot access medical services. The experience today will provide fundamental knowledge which is useful when these students graduated and start working in small communities.”

Mr. ChaideeRatanapreeda said, “Good health brings happiness. Good health does not only focus on physical health but also includes intellectual and mental health as a whole, so health improvement is highly important process, especially in the situation at this moment which is very competitive. Everyone is coping with economic problems and may overlook one’s health. This event, consequently, enables students, academic personnel, and people in Banfang District to learn by exchanging knowledge, that is, providing holistic education to this event participants and raising awareness about their own and their families’ health care. In addition, this can strengthen collaboration between educational institutes, community, organizations and Banfang people’s health improvement network. It can be a good start on Banfang people’s wellness improvement.”

Mrs. Banterng Charoensuk, 65 year-old Banfang resident, said she had never received dental services before. Her problem was toothache, but no decayed tooth was found. Therefore, she received dental scaling and basic check-up services including advices. She thought that was a good project because it made her and other people in the community become more aware of dental health.         

In this event, there was oral health check-up, basic advice, and fluoride coating services. Moreover, there were exhibition about dental public health and many activities such as health quiz competition, students’ performance, activities for elderly people, etc.


News/ photos: Jiraporn Pratomchai