Student Organization, KKU, holds the warm and impressive event “Home Hap La Kham Phaeng, Hoi Haeng Hag Man, Kalaphruek 61st” to welcome freshmen to KKU

Tuesday June 11, 2024 – Student Organization, Khon Kaen University, organized the event: “Home Hap La Kham Phaeng, Hoi Haeng Hag Man, Kalaphruek 61st” or the official freshmen welcoming. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University, presided over the ceremony, which was also attended by over 6,000 people, including the administrators, President of KKU Student Organization, the seniors and freshmen. The event was held at the 50th Year Sports Ground, Khon Kaen University.

The event began at 17:00 p.m. The freshmen walked in lines to the 50th Year Sports Ground, Khon Kaen University. The recreational upper-classmen organized the group activity for them. Then at 19:00 p.m. the administrators and distinguished guests arrived and greeted the students. Next, the President, President of the Alumni Association, President of Student Organization, delivered the official welcoming speech. SInsai Pong Lang Brand then performed while the Bai Sri Su Khwan Ritual was held, with representative freshmen’s wrists tied with sacred threads.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University said in his welcoming speech, “On behalf of Khon Kaen University, congratulate the first step of your success. Welcome the 61st class of Kalaphruek to Mo Din Daeng with pleasure.”
“Khon Kaen University is a university with educational and research quality and a leading university of the country. It is also the first university of the Northeast that has the history of over 6 decades. “Home Hap La Kham Phaeng, Hoi Haeng Hag Man, Kalaphruek 61st” is one activity that is held as part of the succession of Isan graceful tradition and culture. Isan people believe that everyone was born with “Khwan”. “Khwan” has the duty to protect the person from different dangers. When a person travels to a different place, ‘Khwan” is called to be with the person and to build good luck to the person. Today, the freshmen come to live in a new place and environment, meet new friends, and will study under the new system. Therefore, this event has been organized by the University and the Student Organization as the good occasion for lecturers, former students and alumni to welcome you freshmen. It is considered that the freshmen are the “Khwan of Mo Din Daeng, who are full of knowledge, intellect and moral. I wish everyone lives happily on campus and will become the power of the nation in the future.”

Mr. Prompop Woha “Nong Boss”, a 4th year student majoring in Thai Language, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the President of Student Organization, Khon Kaen University said, “ This year event is under the theme: “Kham Phaeng La come to KKU”. “Kham Phaeng” is the word Isan people use to call someone younger. Besides, this event has been inspired from Benjama Maharach School, which is the first school in the Northeast. This corresponds to Khon Kaen University being the first university in the Northeast. We therefore use the theme and inspiration to welcome freshmen today, as if the freshmen just finished the secondary school and come to study at the university, which is a higher level.”

“We want freshmen to feel warm and fun. Therefore, we let the recreational team dress in various colorful styles. Apart from making the vibe fun, it is like encouraging everyone to join the creative recreational activities. At the same time, the freshmen will feel that the seniors are friendly and fun. I believe that the freshmen will build new friendship and to feel you are not alone in the university, but you are with the seniors and lecturers who will help you. Please feel that you are not alone here. Fight for your future. We will always support you.”

The 2024 freshmen welcoming activities are organized for the whole month of June. The next activity is the official university orientation on June 13, 2024 at the Golden Jubilee Conference Center. The next one is the orientation at the faculty or college of the students on June 14. Then there is another activity called “Panuek Rak the New Kalaphruek” on June 15 at the 50th Year Sports Ground. On June 20, there will be the ISAAN Pride activity. The final activity is the Open the Club Area 2024 on June 28. News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong
Photos: Attapon Hampong


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