Khon Kaen University signs MOU with Sila Municipality to build educational opportunities, using school as the national local innovation prototype – the MOU also celebrates the 60th KKU anniversary.

December 22, 2023 – Khon Kaen University by the Faculty of Education and College of Local Administration signed an MOU with Sola Municipality to develop education quality, upgrading the education and Kotha Municipality School. The instruction model and curriculum of Khon Kaen University Demonstration School will be used, for it covers the pre-primary and primary level and will help develop local educational policy. The MOU signing ceremony was held at Kotha Municipality School, Sila Sub-District, Khon Kaen. This MOU was signed by Mr. Pairat Taweewan, Sila Municipality Mayor; Assoc. Prof. Isara Kanjuk, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Education; and Assoc. Prof. Peerasit Kamnuansil, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Local Administration. Among witnesses were administrators of Sila Municipality, administrators from the two faculties and Khon Kaen University Demonstration School.

Mr. Pairat Taweewan, Sila Municipality Mayor said, “Kotha Municipality School was transferred to be affiliated with Sila Municipality. There is the educational development policy, and in this regard, we have consult Khon Kaen University, as the institution with expertise in educational development. We expect Kotha Municipality School to become a quality school within the vicinity of people in Sila Sub-district. This will also reduce the crowdedness in sending children to the city. We are grateful to Khon Kaen University for the assistance. Sila Sub-district is adjacent to Khon Kaen University, and with the Faculty of Education and College of Local Administration joining, it will be a new dimension in development of Sila area, and in turn, the quality of life of the people here will be improved. Sila people are proud to be working with Khon Kaen University.”
Assoc. Prof. Isara Kanjuk, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Education said, “This occasion is also part of the celebration of the 60th year of Khon Kaen University. KKU has the goal of social dedication and this is also an important mission of the Faculty of Education in developing education quality. The MOU signing of the Faculty of Education, College of Local Administration and Sila Municipality is our pleasure. We are ready to introduce the instructional models for pre-school and primary school levels to Kotha Municipality School. The models are from Khon Kaen University Demonstration School, which is an Innovative School. The implementation will include development of teachers by mentors who are joining in organizing teaching approaches and systems in classrooms. This will lead to upgrading the school with quality instruction similar to leading schools of the country, and will help building educational chances to the school pupils. We hope the school will be the prototype at the national level. Cooperation with the College of Local Administration and the University will also lead to development of other schools in the area in the future.”

Assoc. Prof. Peerasit Kamnuansil, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Local Administration added, “The College of Local Administration has a mission to promote and develop bodies of knowledge in administration of public works in the locality. The MOU signing today is considered the promotion and development of local schools and building of collaboration in administration and provision of public services, development of education, building of a network of the people sector, the social community and the private sector in the area. The goal is to develop educational quality that will lead to standardization of schools around Khon Kaen University.”
The Faculty of Education brought the innovation of the faculty used in Khon Kaen University Demonstration School to demonstrate to the school, which covered all subjects. The activities were organized in the camp or station patterns as follows:

The CODING AND ROBOT CAMP – the use of board games to help learning in Coding as well as teaching media that enhance the skills and knowledge in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. The station was managed by Assoc. Prof. Jarunee Chamat, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Education and Academic Service and Assoc. Prof. Pornsawan Wongtatham, Associate Dean for Research, Innovation and International Relation.

The ART AND DESIGN THINKING station – is the station based on the integrated concept between art and thinking by taking things around oneself to design a structured art work. This enhances the skills related to emotion and creativity. The responsible lecturer was Asst. Prof. Siripong Piasiri, Ph.D., Assistant to the Dean for Administration, Communication and Community Relation.

The SPORT AND SMART station – this activity emphasizes movement such as running, jumping and recreational activity that help developing muscles and physical control as well as working in a team. It also helps in training meditation and concentration when doing an activity. The station was run by Assoc. Prof. Wayu Kanjanasorn, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Student Development and Organization Relation and Asst. Prof. Rojapon Buranarak, Ph.D.

The SMART NEW GENERATION station – a new learning organization for children based on various forms that build skills in thinking, lifelong learning, team working, communicating, problem-solving skills. These will prepare students to live in the society and work in the future where they wull face changes. The responsible lecturers were Assoc. Prof. Danida Duangwilai, Assistant to the Dean for Teacher Profession Development and Academic Service; Ajarn Prapaporn Janthabyrom and Ajarn Sukhuma Ekaram.

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