KKU promoting local lifestyles among Thai and foreign students in the “International Creative Workshop Series” Ep. 1: Isan Nature

The International Creative Workshop Series Ep. 1: Isan Nature Camp was organized at Ban Dong Lan, Si Chompu District, Khon Kaen, by the Student Development Section, Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation, Khon Kaen University, on November 25-26, 2023. The project was aimed at having both Thai and foreign students to learn about local lifestyles, cultural and language exchanges for creative and sustainable learning.

Mrs. Jetsadaporn Sriratanaprapan, Director of the Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation, explained about the activity, “The camp is the first camp in which staff members join the activities with students. We are happy to see the students enjoy the program, which is open for students with different religion, language and culture, to live together under the natural lifestyle. The concept of the camp is “Isarn Nature”. We believe that everyone will be impressed with the good relationship that will linger all through their study period at Khon Kaen University.”

The program participants were welcomed by Mr. Sanya Makkarin, a former student from Class 39 and his team, “Thiaw Withee Si Chompu”. The team led the students in doing different activities, the first of which was about the indigenous Isan and community, including the art activity using natural colors from tree leaves. Next, the participants were led to study the natural route at Pha Joh Cave and enjoyed the art activity at Nam Pong River and study of local water resource of Pha Lham. The first day activity ended at ‘Yai Ta @ Home’ homestay, with the participants having dinner in the ‘Khan Tok Pa Lang’ style. After dinner, they all reflected what they learned on the first day together. On the second day the students surveyed the community and the lifestyles on ‘I Tak’ trucks. The ending activity was insect and indigenous animal survey at the Second Forest Conservation Research Center.

Feelings of the participants:

Nattanicha Kruangthaisong, a student from the Faculty of Law said she was impressed with all of the learning activities. “Happiness is around us, from nature, from the smile of strangers. With the foreign friends, although we hardly understand each other, we had fun together. This camp was really enjoyable, and the food was very delicious. I hope such activity will be held again.”

Indri Astuti Purwanti, a student from the Faculty of Public Health said, “I am happy to get new friends from Thailand and Myanmar. We had breakfast and dinner together and talked about our culture. Some food of Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar are rather similar in material, spices, taste, and process. Only their names are different.”

This camp has been arranged to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to promote among the students community and global perspective and capability. That is the rationale behind the “International Creative Workshop Series”. Both Thai and foreign students were learning about the differences in the ways of living, culture, languages and the community. The learning was both creative and sustainable, enabling the students to acquire global perspectives. Students are expected to build knowledge, attitudes of being a part of the world population, and sustainable development.

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