KKU trains new group of supporting staff as the new Smart KKU staff members

Wednesday October 25, 2023 – the Human Resource Division and the Human Resource Section of Khon Kaen University organized the training under the project called “First Step of New Supporting Staff, Fiscal Year 2023”. The new group of staff has been recruited as KKU officers and the training lasted 2 days.


On the first day, October 25, 2023 – Assoc. Prof. Kriengkrai Kitjaroen, Ph.D., Vice President for Human Resources presided over the opening session and welcomed the new staff members, totaling over 190 of them. The training was organized at Bayasita Hotel, Khon Kaen University.

Assoc. Prof. Kriengkrai Kitjaroen, Ph.D., Vice President for Human Resources said, “It is known that Khon Kaen University has a mission in producing graduates, carrying out research studies, providing academic social service and nurturing art and culture to meet the international standards. The University has an aim to develop the University and all personnel. The supporting staff is the group with important roles to help leading the University to achieve the missions. The University thus sees the importance in developing the supporting staff members from the beginning when they have just been recruited so that they are well informed of their roles, responsibilities; have the necessary knowledge, competency, and skills; and accurately observe the rules and regulations of the University. The training also instills them with the values, organizational cultures, attitudes, and competency that are consistent with the expectations of the University. The trainees will also have a chance to learn and share their experiences and build relationships among themselves to completely become a member of Khon Kaen University.”

The next session was a special talk by Assoc. Prof. Kriengkrai on: “Directions of Administration of Human Resources, Values and Organizational Cultural of SMART KKU”, for the new officers to prepare themselves for the work and to contribute in driving forward the University towards the goal, besides becoming efficient personnel that lead the University towards the excellence vision.

The morning session featured more talks, one on “Work and Life Balance: Work Guidelines for the New Generation” by Asst. Prof. Anucha Somabut, Ph.D., Director of the Instructional Innovation Center; the second on “HR TO SERVICE” by Mr. Sathit Kaewbudda, Director of the Division of Human Resources; and the last one on “Welfare, Rights and Benefits” by Mrs. Prapaporn Pankham, Head of the Welfare, Rights and Benefits Section, Division of Human Resources.

The afternoon session featured a talk on “Occupation Progress and Higher Position” by Miss Punnapa Weerapatanapan, Head of Human Resource Development Section, Division of Human Resources; a workshop on “Empowering and Creating Unity in KKU”, small group activity for the participants to introduce themselves, get to know each other; and assigning of missions under the   KKU Value (SMART) Framework by Mr. Chaimanoo Ku-nok, an operational human resource officer from the Division of Human Resources.

The second day of the training featured a special talk on “Working under the Digital Transformation Era” by Dr. Kit Tiantanopajai, Assistant to the President for Digital; a workshop on “Empowering and Creating Unity in KKU”, which included the ice-breaking activity that allowed the new officers to know one another; the “Starting Point To Smart KKU” and the activity of lesson drawing and preparation toward “Smart KKU”. The trainers included Khun Chaimanoo Ku-nok, Khun Worapong THongput, Khun Pongsiri Kongsaensri, Khun Wutthipong Pathumwan, Khun Jetsada Wongmanee. Assoc. Prof. Kriengkrai Kitjaroen also participated as the chairperson in the activity.

Miss Panit Khatnak, a public relation officer of the Communications Division said that the activities of the two days enabled the new staff members to learn about the University’s visions, organizational cultures, rights and welfare of themselves and about SMART KKU. They would be able to set their goal for the future. The event opened up a chance for the newcomers to know personnel in different organizations, divisions and faculties.

This project is the first step for the new officers of the University to be instilled with the organizational values and cultures, to enhance their attitudes and competency that are in line with the University’s expectation. They also learned about the welfare, rights and benefits and now are able to prepare themselves for the progress in their job.


News / Photos: Watchara Noichompoo and Jiraporn Pratomchai





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