KKU is celebrating the 60th Anniversary at the big KKU CSV event, showcasing outstanding innovations and research, and 32 service booths for free! See you all there on Sep 27.

Khon Kaen University invites all Khon Kaen folks and those from close provinces to join the KKU CSV, the 3rd “Khon Kaen University and Community Services”. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University is chairing the event with Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs presenting the report. The activity will be held at the ground floor lawn in front of Khon Kaen Railway Station on September 27, 2023.

This big event under the KKU CSV or Creating Shared Value policy will be held on September 27, 2023, to celebrate the 6oth Anniversary of Khon Kaen University. The event reiterates that Khon Kaen University is still strongly determined, under the social dedication philosophy, to serve the community. This year, the event will be even greater, with free different services organized by both internal and external organizations, as follows:

Health Services:

  1. The Dental Clinic Unit under the Royal Patronage, Faculty of Dentistry – checking oral health, scaling, filling, tooth pulling, providing dental hygiene consultation, and exhibition in the New Normal format
  2. Social Medicine, Srinagarind Hospital – basic health check-up, checking blood pressure, blood sugar, giving consultation on food and nutrition, vaccination against flu, screening breast cancer, abdomen ultrasound, clinical services for respiratory track, kidney, ear, neck, nose, bones and joint, medicine and fundamental health.
  3. Department of Anesthetics, Faculty of Medicine – giving information about preparation before receiving anesthesia, pain-relieving clinic, acupuncture to relieve pain
  4. The Excellence Medical Center – Introduction to services of SMC Clinic
  5. Department of Pathology – providing knowledge about Oncology and exhibition from biopsy museum
  6. The Blood Bank, Faculty of medicine = screening blood donors, receiving blood donation, giving out souvenirs, self-checking for Covid-19
  7. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science / Pharmacy – checking lung performance, foot massage / skin check
  8. Voluntary doctor’s friend network – music therapy, acupuncture, physical test
  9. Faculty of Associated Medical Science – Testing physical organs and basic physical performance
  10. The Northeast Queen Sirikit Heart Center – Giving instruction on cardiovascular health
  11. Tanyarak Hospital – Stop-Smoking Clinic, consultation on drug addiction
  12. Cellular Therapy Center – checking facial skin, PRP checking, assessing knee joints and treating patients with arthritis

Occupational Promotion

  1. Faculty of technology – evaluating geological age, giving advice on food manufacturing, food preservation and exhibition of different food products
  2. Research Institute of Strategy and Coordination for Northeast Development – presenting academic works such as document for applying certification of good farming practice, for cricket farming, selling goods under the Poverty Mitigation Project for Farmers, U2T for BCG
  3. Prototype factory of agriculture and food – providing various services related to agriculture and food
  4. College of Graduate Studies in Management – Chinese Information Center for business development and investment
  5. Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy – exhibitions and selling of goods
  6. Clinical Research Administration Institute, Faculty of Medicine – giving consultation on research and research projects
  7. Office of Academic Services – exhibition and selling of goods
  8. Faculty of Architecture – giving consultation on the use of buildings and construction
  9. Khon Kaen University Library – opening the world with Metaverse experience, reading promotion
  10. Law Division – giving consultation on law, daily laws such as borrowing, demanding for debt payment, selling and buying, and entering different legal acts
  11. Parasitological Department, Faculty of Medicine – giving consultation about parasitological diseases
  12. The Royal Project Coordination Center – giving knowledge about different services
  13. CP Robot: CPR, the smart robot for learning about and training the life-saving skill
  14. Faculty of Law – Law Clinic and Law sharing
  15. Museum and Life-long Learning Center – giving information about different services of the Museum
  16. Upper Northeastern Meteorological Center – Young fortune teller, checking climate through application
  17. Enterprise and Train Association – giving knowledge about government enterprises
  18. Animal Hospital, faculty of Veterinary Medicine – health check-up for pets, rabies vaccination, prevention of heart worms, tick-flea killing, and giving out pet care products for free
  19. Radio Station and KKU Media Network – fun games for prizes and drawing
  20. Friendship Rotary Club, Khon Kaen – giving out food and goodies for free

There will be other organizations inside and outside of KKU that support the event, for example, the 8th Infantry Regimen, Head of Northeast Thailand Dairy Cow Promotion Office, Manager of Regional Electricity Authority 2, Maliwan, Manager of Mitraparp Ice Factory: providing drinking water, milk, goodies, soft drinks to blood donors and assisting visitors at the event.

The inside organizations that join are: Division of Buildings and Places, Division of Public Utility, Energy and Environment, Division of Security, Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Central Administrative Division, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy, Faculty of Architecture – assisting and facilitating visitors to the event.

The 3rd KKU CSV “Khon Kaen University and Community Service” answers the policy on social dedication and administrative strategy of Khon Kaen University, in relation with transformation of academic services from the traditional approach to one that deals with bodies of knowledge, technologies and innovations for sustainable development. Khon Kaen University people believe that the physical and mental dedication of the University people will promote the better living of people in the community and benefits will be on the national development.

The event will be held on September 27, 2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. All are invited! For more information, contact the Communications Division at 043 202 204

Or find more details from the attached posters and Khon Kaen University Facebook Page

News / Photos: Division of Communications, Khon Kaen University


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