KKIM 2024 with AIMS standard ready to draw your potential; prizes this year total over Baht 2m

Khon Kaen people and KKIM Race Committee now ready to welcome runners from all over the world to join the 19th Khon Kaen International Marathon 2024 (KKIM2024).

Your safety is guaranteed by the world standard race course, Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

Race for Royal trophies and cash prizes totaling over 2 million baht, and more with special prizes for Thai runners

This year event is greater than the years before, for we are celebrating Khon Kaen University’s 60th Anniversary.

KKIM 2024 is scheduled on Saturday January 13 and Sunday January 14, 2024.

Saturday January 13, 2024 is the date for the Health and Fun Run of the distance of 5.4 km. The release time is 07:00 a.m. at Khon Kaen University’s Si Than Gate. The finish point is at the area in front of Khum Si Than, Khon Kaen University. What is more special is the children day’s activity for every family; a lot of souvenirs are prepared for children who care for their health.

Sunday January 14, 2024 is the date of the 3 races:

Marathon (42.195 km) – Release time: 03:00 a.m.

Half Marathon (21.10 km) – Release time: 04:00 a.m.

Mini Marathon (11.55 km) – Release time: 04:45 a.m.

The release point is in front of the Golden Jubilee Convention Center, Khon Kaen University, on Kalaphruek Road. The finish point is the same as the release point.

TOP100KKIM2024 Prizes

🎊”Nong Runno” – “Nong Runne” 🎊

Awarded to the first 100 runners of all categories

(For both males-females)

▪Marathon 42.195 km.

▪Half 21.10 km.

▪Mini 11.55 km.

Join and compete for the prizes: Nong Runno awarded to the first 100 males and Nong Runne awarded to the first 100 females who hit the finish point. The prizes come in a dinosaur shape, of the Phuwiang  Gosorus Sirindhornne, the Khon Kaen dinosaur dates back to the beginning Cretaceous age, roughly 130 million years ago. This is the sauropod dinosaur described by Thailand and classified under the  Titanosaur group that was a medium-sized sauropod, about 15-20 meters long, found in Phu Wiang District (Wiang Kao District at present), Khon Kaen, in 1982.

For more details, visit the Website: https://www.khonkaenmarathon.com/ or Facebook Fan page: \ https://www.facebook.com/khonkaenmarathon

News: Jiraporn Prathomchai



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