KKU Veterinary Medicine holds “KVAC 2023” International Conference on innovation for animal health

Thursday July 20, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Khon Kaen University organized The 24th KKU Veterinary Annual International Conference 2023 (KVAC 2023), which was attended by over 800 organizational executives, lecturers, researchers, alumni and students all over the country who are interested in animal health. The Conference was held at Convention Room 2-3, Avani Hotel and Convention Center, Khon Kaen.

The KKU Veterinary Annual International Conference was based on the technologies and innovations related to the world’s animal health or the application of advanced technologies and innovations to improve the health and lives of animals all over the world. This includes all dimensions such as animal medicine, animal raising, disease diagnoses, treatment of diseases and the ways of living in general of animals.

Prof. Bandit Tengjaroenkul, Ph.D., D.V.M., Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Khon Kaen University revealed that technologies and innovations concerning the world’s animal health are very important, for they lead to the creation of good living of animals, protecting human health, and supporting sustainable agriculture. The implementation relies on collaboration among researchers and veterinarians who are stakeholders in the industry, policy administrators, and international organizations for supporting, exchanging of knowledge, allocation of research scholarships to develop technologies for the benefits of animals all over the world.

“Presently, there happen different challenging conditions related to animal health. We have to place the importance on these conditions. This is why Khon Kaen University has organized 24th KKU Veterinary Annual International Conference 2023 (KVAC 2023), which, this year, is under the topic of technologies and innovations for the world’s animal health. The Conference lasts two days. Welcome distinguished speakers, both Thai and foreigners who come from everywhere in the world, such as France, Bhutan, Taiwan, USA, and our neighboring countries to the Conference. There are 40 students and 11 lecturers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Lao. The Conference is very well supported by governmental and private organizations.”

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University said that he was very pleased to join the opening ceremony of the 24th KKU Veterinary Annual International Conference 2023 (KVAC 2023), organized by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, khon Kaen University. The Conference is under the team of technologies and innovations for the world’s animal health, which have been rapidly developed. Veterinary Medicine has an important role in determining the health and welfare of animals. KVAC is a regular international venue that enhances collaboration and sharing of knowledge, and deploys innovations in the veterinarian communities. This Conference has been consecutively held for 24 years now, and today in Khon Kaen, which is known for beautiful cultural heritage and the land of dedication for excellence in research and education, of Khon Kaen University.

“I hope that this International Conference will be part of the creation of advances in technologies and approaches that enable us to have access to the health and welfare of animals all over the world, through advanced research and innovative practices as well as advanced technologies that can set the future of the veterinary medicine by stepping over all limitations and building positive impacts on the world’s animals.”

On July 21-22, 2023, experts and famous researchers have been invited from different fields all over the world who are joining in discussions and presentations of academic works as well as their indepth information and new bodies of knowledge for improvement of animal health and sustainable practices that will deal with the emerging challenges in the profession.

KVAC 2023 also makes new allies and strengthens relationship with former friends in the circle of veterinary medicine. The Conference encourages all participants to present their research studies on posters and well as in workshops and join network activities for learning and sharing together.


News: Jiraporn Prathomchai

Photos: Boriphat Thasi


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