KKU collaborates with BBL Asset Management to prepare financiers and new-blood investors with an aim to upgrade Isan household’s economy

At present, the fields of investment and management of investment have stepped up until they become very important in the area of finance that opens wide in various forms for greater ease of access. This is based on the concept of: “Let money does the job” in order to build financial security and independence of people before they retire. Therefore, many are keen to “find an investment alternative” that is right for themselves.
The Faculty of Economics, Khon Kaen University, sees the importance of the correct and sustainable understanding of finance and investment, and thus has entered an MOA with Bua Luang Asset Management Co. Ltd. (BBLAM) as of June 29, 2023. The MOA was signed at the Faculty of Economics, Khon Kaen University and is aimed at providing knowledge and understanding in investment, covering all dimensions of management of wealth, providing information related to the professions in investment management industry, and collaborating in in-depth academic research. The MOA signing ceremony was honored to have Assoc. Prof. Kriengkrai Kitcharoen, Vice President for Human Resources of Khon Kaen University coming to preside over, with distinguished executives including Prof. Kalapaphruek Phewthong-ngam, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Economics; Mr. Peerapong Jira-seweejinda, Chief Executive Officer of the BBL Asset Management Co. Ltd., administrators of Khon Kaen University, administrators of Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited and BBLAM.

ศาสตราจารย์ ดร.กัลปพฤกษ์ ผิวทองงาม คณบดีคณะเศรษฐศาสตร์

Prof. Kalapaphruek Phewthong-ngam, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Economics said that the Faculty of Economics offers courses in Financial Economics, which are the modules in which students have to apply their knowledge in investment, whereas BBLAM is the company that holds businesses in securities, investment management, personal funds, mutual fund management, provident funds, and management of others’ assets.

“The MOA signing this time is for upgrading students’ levels of knowledge, for they will graduate to hold a job in finance. They will be able to apply the knowledge to build people’s understanding in finance and investment. If the collaboration under the MOA goes well, the ultimate outcome will also be the upgrading of Thai families in terms of finance and investment.”

The Faculty of Economics and BBLAM have the same intention to support each other in academic and in-depth research, including collaboration in carrying out the following activities under the agreement: 1) Training Project in Wealth Management & Asset Management, 2) Cooperative Education Program, 3) Training Project in Savings and Fundamental Investment, 4) Academic Collaboration Project between BBLAM and Khon Kaen University, 5) Idea Pitch Competition Project, and 6) Study of Investment Behaviors of Investors in the Northeast.

Mr. Peerapong Jira-seweejinda, Chief Executive Officer of the BBL Asset Management Co. Ltd. added that the MOA between BBLAM and Khon Kaen University is the first MOA BBLAM has signed with an academic institution. BBLAM sees the leaping growth in economy of Isan Region where Khon Kaen is at the center. Foundation of investment in Isan will enhance the potentiality of the regional growth. Khon Kaen University is the institution full of quality human resources, up-to-date bodies of knowledge and networks that are able to connect with communities.
“BBLAM hopes that the academic collaboration signed today will bring the achievements as determined and stated. The major mission of BBLAM in making Thai families financially secure, will also be achieved from this MOA.”

News / Photos: Rawiporn Saisaenthong



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