The First Time in Asia—The English Language Department Makes History Hosting the 10th International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching

From 19-21 June 2023, the 10th International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching around the theme of Resilience and Innovation happened at Khon Kaen University. The conference was hosted by the English Language Department, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, co-hosted by the Faculty of Education and the College of Graduate Study in Management, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Khon Kaen University. We are also honored to say that this is the first time the TBLT conference has been held in Asia and Thailand!

This year we are delighted to have more than 150 participants from almost 20 countries and 50 universities worldwide join us for the exceptional gathering of brilliant minds and professionals. The conference was a platform for exchanging groundbreaking ideas, exploring innovative research, and forging invaluable connections within the international academic and professional community. Over the two and a half days, we organized a diverse and captivating program encompassing various topics on tasks and TBLT. This conference had four plenary talks, two invited colloquia, four workshops, 62 individual papers, and three posters. This conference offered a unique opportunity for intellectual engagement, inspiring discussions, and the potential for transformative collaborations.

Beyond the enriching academic content, this event could encourage participants to take full advantage of the networking opportunities available during the conference. Engage with their fellow attendees, exchange perspectives, and build relationships that may extend far beyond the confines of this event. We aimed to create an atmosphere that nurtures meaningful connections and provides a supportive personal and professional growth environment. Furthermore, we organized various social activities, allowing the participants to experience the vibrant local culture and form lasting memories. Take this chance to explore our green-campus university and fascinating city and immerse yourself in its unique tradition, culinary delights, and enchanting attractions. Furthermore, it provided a distinct chance to honor the university’s 60th anniversary, rendering it a remarkable event deserving of celebration.

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