KKU holds the fun and impressive 60th Freshmen Class Welcoming event

Thursday June 15, 2023 – Khon Kaen University held the 2023 Freshmen Welcoming event for the 60th class of undergraduate students. Mr. Surapon Phetwara, Vice Chairman of the University Council, gave a special speech while Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University delivered the welcoming address. Participants at the event, held at the Golden Jubilee Convention Center, comprised the University executives, deans of the various faculties, and new students.

The ceremony began with KKU administrators singing the song “Rangwan Dae Khon Chang Fan”, followed by the official introduction of the University administrators. Next, Mr. Surapon Phetwara, Vice Chairman of the University Council, gave a special speech on “Education Disruption”. In the speech, he mentioned a poem written by Ajarn Wittaya Chiangkul, which reads (in English translation):
“I’m young, I’m fool, and I’m surprised
So I come to find the meaning
I hope to collect a lot of things
But finally, I’m given only a piece of paper.”
This mentioning of the Vice Chairman of the University Council demonstrated that the poem reflects the perspective towards university study 40 years ago. Forty years after that, we are in the age where we find it ‘compulsory to adjust ourselves’ in a leaping style.
The Vice University Council Chairman exemplified one study result, which states that in the future, it is necessary for us to develop new skills in order to catch up with the world; otherwise, we will not be able to continue to live. The reason is that 47% of future employment will vanish, and over 90% of former job positions will be disrupted, changing everything completely in 2030.

This means that if we completed the university program and received only the degree certificate and hard skills but not soft skills, then we will be among the 47% of people without job position, and among the 90% who are unable to adjust to the disrupted jobs.
“I therefore bring up the topic of the role of universities, for the young people here to ask yourselves what goals are in your mind to learn in a university. With the chance to study in Khon Kaen University, that means you are entering a hard-skill system. But what makes you different from one another and enables you to remain in the rapidly changing world is the soft skill (including communication skill, time management skill, flexibility and adjustment skill, team working skill, creative thinking skill, etc.). Therefore, after 4 years have passed, you shouldn’t be leaving with only a piece of paper.”

Next, Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University congratulated and welcomed the new students, ‘the 60th Kalaphruek bouquet’, on behalf of Khon Kaen University to the prestigious Khon Kaen University

“After you begin your life as a university student, besides full intention for studying, you need to learn to adjust yourself to the social context that has now changed. The feeling that a student life is free with no rules and regulations may not be right. For in reality, what you will see is “discipline” that everyone must hold on to and learn how to manage your student life towards the goal. Then you will be able to use the knowledge, experiences and different sciences learned from the university for the benefits of your own, of the society and the world.”

The following session was a performance on “Home Hao Hap Khwan” by students from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. Before the end of the ceremony, the executives and students joined in singing the songs “B Blood Type” and “Pijarana”, followed by Isan style songs such as “Sanya Duan Hok” and “Khit Thuen Thung Lui Lai”. The warm atmosphere of the event was filled with fun and good impression.

Miss Naradinee Adae, a first year student from the field of Medical Illustration, Faculty of Medicine revealed her feeling of being a KKU student that KKU was in her checklist of universities she wanted to enter, for Khon Kaen Province is interesting. She herself enjoyed drawing and creating media and therefore chose this field. She came a long way from Narathiwas Province down South on June 10. It was now 5 days at KKU. The seniors arranged fun and interesting activities, and she is very impressed with the welcoming. KKU is multi-cultural and respects all religions. When she graduates, she hopes to work on forensic media.”

Mr. Rawipon Fangrit (Right) and Mr. Pongsapat Milathako (Left)

Mr. Rawipon Fangrit, a first year student majoring in Biology, Faculty of Sciences said that his hometown is in Maha Saakham. He selected this field of study because he likes sciences, especially biology and hopes to work in this field in the future.
“I told my family and the closed ones immediately after I knew about the result. I have joined many freshmen activities, including the Bai Sri Su Khwan ceremony and the group relationship activity. I met new friends from other faculties and from other schools. The seniors related to us about different things we need to know of KKU and some funny stories, which I enjoyed a lot.”

Mr. Pongsapat Milathako, a first year student majoring in Automaton System and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Engineering said his hometown is in Maha Sarakham also. He chose this field because he believes AI has a lot of roles in the social. In the future there should be the job market for this field and that means job opportunities. If he doesn’t become an office employee he may hold a personal business.
“I was very happy when I learned that I passed the entrance exam to Khon Kaen University. My family is also happy for me to study near home. I have joined the freshmen welcoming activities and met new friends. The seniors made me laugh every day.”

The next freshmen welcoming activities are scheduled on Saturday June 17, 2023, when all freshmen will be paying respect to Chao Po Mo Din Daeng, and on Sunday June 18, 2023 with the Tum Home Hub Freshmen Welcoming Ceremony to Mo Din Daeng.

News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong


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