KKU celebrates the 60th Anniversary by holding “KKU Women’s Volleyball Challenge 2023”, aiming to prepare Isan students as international volley ball professional players

Monday May 15, 2023 – Khon Kaen University held the opening ceremony for the “KKU Women’s Volleyball Challenge 2023” of female players aged under 18 years at the Sports Center. The event was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation.

Assoc. Prof. Pensri Jaroenwanich, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy of Khon Kaen University as the Chairperson of the KKU Volleyball Academy Administration Committee, delivered the reporting speech, explaining that this game was organized by the KKU Volleyball Academy (KKU VA), a project initiated by the KKU Council Chairman and President for celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Khon Kaen University.
At the same time, this project was meant to show the determination of KKU to intensively develop women’s potential to become international professional players of volley ball, in accordance with Khon Kaen University’s and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 5) that promote gender equality.
“Volley ball promotes women’s role in bringing reputation to Thailand at the international level. There is a private company like AIA that sees the importance of this and participated as the main supporter.”

Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation said that Thailand volley ball national female team consists mostly of Isan children. Therefore, Khon Kaen University founded the KKU Volleyball Academy in order to promote and encourage school students in the Northeast to sharpen their skill in playing volley ball game.
Khon Kaen University is equipped with bodies of knowledge, equipment and personnel specialized in relevant fields such as medicine and nursing, physical therapy, nutrition, sport science, physical education and psychology. The University is well prepared to provide the venue and accommodation. There is the center for exercising with experts who provide exercise guides and exercising equipment for developing sportsmen’s capacities. Thus, KKU is ready for carrying out the KKU Volleyball Academy project.

“Thank you all those who have supported this event. I wish all players play with the spirit of sportsmen and contribute to the creative development of volley ball game.”
Players from the following schools attended the opening ceremony:
Watsawangkongka Municipality School 2, Kalasin Province
Nongruawittaya School, Khon Kaen Province
Phon School, Khon Kaen Province
Paktongchaiprachanarumit School, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
Suranaree School, Khon Kaen Province
Sarakhampittayakom School, Maha Sarakham Province
Satreesiriket School, Srisaket Province
Sawangdaendin School, Sakon Nakhon Province
Suranaree School played with Pakthongchai as the first pairs and won 2-0 sets.

The vibe at the Sports Center, KKU was full of fun with the initial matches of the following pair: Paktongchaiprachanarumit School, Nakhon Ratchasima Province and Suranaree School, Khon Kaen Province. The latter played sharp and so won at the scores of 25 to 11 and 25 to 14.
After the game, Miss Khwannapat Nuanwan, a 12th grader from Suranaree School said she was honored to be one of the volley ball teams of Isan and for the team to be selected by Khon Kaen University to join the game. She was happy to play with the very good team. It was a good experience for her to become a professional volley ball player in the future.
“I’m happy to win today. Everyone in my team played to the best of their capacity. We’ll keep this standard in the next match and hope to win the first prize.”
Ajarn Tanakrit Chaipatjinda, the coach of Suranaree School said he was very pleased that Khon Kaen University organized the event and sees the importance of youths. At present, children in schools upcountry love playing volleyball until the game becomes the school game. If these children are promoted and developed by playing in contests, they would accumulate their skills and experience until they become strong players. Even though the school won today, many players still did not keep the set standard due to the stop of practice during term break. Therefore, the team had to prepare better for the next match, especially they are going to play with Nongruawittaya School, the team that could not be underestimated.

If interested, watch the games which are scheduled on May 15-17, 2023 from 09.00 a.m. at the Sports Center, Khon Kaen University or watch Life from the Facebook Page: KKU Volleyball Academy.
The final round is scheduled on May 26, 2023 from 12.00 p.m. The winner will be awarded a cash amount of 8,000 baht. The first runner-up will receive 5,000 baht and the second runner-up will receive 3,000 baht.

News: Phanit Khatanak


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