Faculty of Dentistry, KKU, holds the World Oral Health Day activity, with students giving people knowledge about oral health care

Monday March 20, 2023 from 9.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. – Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University organized the World Oral Health Day as a network member. The event featured exhibitions that provided knowledge and information about oral health care for people at all age ranges. Students of the Faculty taught the correct way of tooth brushing and using oral cleaning tools to visitors at the event. There were free dental check and question-answer contest after exhibition visit for prizes and souvenirs. There were also booths selling various oral care products with good bargains. The event was held at the 1st Floor hall in front of the Dental Hospital of Khon Kaen University.

Asst. Prof. Achirawut Subhannabesach, Ph.D., D.D.M., Vice Dean for Education of the Faculty of Dentistry explained, “March 20 of every year is the World Oral Health Day and Faculties of Dentistry everywhere in the world run a campaign for people to take care of their oral health. In Thailand, the Dentistry Association cooperates with Faculties of Dentistry all over the country to hold a one-day activity. This year is the first year that the Dentistry Association has organized this event. The objective is to carry out oral checks. In some place, there is also treatment for free. At the Faculty of Dentistry of Khon Kaen University, there are exhibitions on oral care for all ages. There is a fun corner that runs games to teach attendants to take care of their oral health. There are prizes given out, which consist of tooth paste with 1500 ppm fluoride that matches the tooth-decay prevention measure of Thailand. There are oral health care products sold at cheap bargains. Students of the Faculty also help answering questions from guests at the Fair. It is expected that the World Oral Health Day will be organized every year.”

Miss Tharnporn Pitchayathada, a 3rd year student of the Faculty said, “The World Oral Health Day  is the day that the Faculty runs campaign activities and recommends oral health care to people of all ages, teaching them how to brush teeth correctly, how to prevent tooth decay, giving information about oral diseases and others. Students are able to use the knowledge they have to tell people. One can visit the Facebook Page of the Faculty to watch the video for more details about oral care.”


The Fair also features the activity for visitors to post their pictures or video clips showing their bright smiles with captions about their opinions, by adding the hashtag: #WOHD_TH  #MouthProud_TH  #MOHD_THxDTKKU

This is open for everyone from March 20 until March 31, 2023.

News: Watchara Noichompoo



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