KKU gets ready to reinvent KKU Campus into a “Great Place to Live”

Wednesday September 7, 2022 – Faculty and Staff Senate of Khon Kaen University held a forum on “Reinventing KKU Campus”. Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee, Chairman of Khon Kaen University Council delivered the opening address and gave a special talk. Asst. Prof. Surapon Nesusin, Ph.D., President of Faculty and Staff Senate of Khon Kaen University presented the reporting speech. Over 400 people attended, including administrators of faculties and divisions. The event took place at Saisuree Chutikul Room, Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University.

The Reinventing KKU Forum was organized to open the world vision in organizational administration and development and to find the means for good practices in the physical development of the campus, work places and residences until optimal benefits reach all personnel. Another objective is to improve and develop the work related to welfare that will benefit the personnel. Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee, Chairman of Khon Kaen University Council, on this occasion, gave a special talk on: “Vision for Reinventing the KKU Campus”, followed by a talk by Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University on “Transforming KKU Campus”. Asst. Prof. Arwut Yimtae, Vice President for Infrastructure and Environment gave another talk on “Action and Implementation”, and Asst. Prof. Surapon Nesusin, Ph.D., finally talked on “Participation of KKU Community in Reinventing the KKU Campus”.

Asst. Prof. Surapon Nesusin, Ph.D., President of Faculty and Staff Senate of Khon Kaen University revealed, “All through the implementation from the past up to now, Khon Kaen University has undergone fast and continuous organizational development for staff, welfare, and other aspects. KKU Faculty and Staff Senate sees the means in participatory development with all sectors involved so that the development will be sustainable and all staff acknowledged of the policies in administration and management. Therefore, the Faculty and Staff Senate has organized this forum with an aim for everyone to understand the policy and good practices for physical, welfare, and residential development that will bring utmost benefits to the personnel.”

Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee, Chairman of Khon Kaen University Council Reinventing KKU campus mentioned in his talk on “Vision for Reinventing the KKU Campus”, “There are a lot for KKU to work on. All should be done by all officers concerned for solving problems together. The physical, geographical, and environmental aspects should be emphasized, for these are important for the work and lives of everyone. There were campus problems in the past, such as overgrown forest areas, weeds in bodies of water, unpleasant residential places, deteriorating buildings and offices, a lot of garbage, dense traffic, unorganized parking, all of which brought impact on the landscape around the area. The University has tackled and solved all these problems. Now, the forest areas are pleasant to look at and are in order, Si Than Lake has been reinvented into areas for recreation and exercises by jogging, bicycling and also for different occasions and festivals. Some offices and deteriorating residence zones were demolished or renovated, and many areas have been restored as a beautiful and useful place. Garbage collection zones have also been designated.”

.”Besides open areas, there were conference rooms that have been renovated and many new ones constructed such as the Golden Jubilee Convention Center, the Science Museum, the Natural Science Museum, the Creative Development Center TCDC, the 50th Year Building of the Faculty of Engineering, Wittayawipas Building. There is a plan to improve the areas around the President Office Building, which was agreed to be built as a KKU Square that will be an elegant place and a center for exhibiting art, cultural, educational, and research works. Thus, the major mission for reinventing the campus is zoning, with an emphasis on KKU square, a student center, and an educational center. This is under the “Reinventing KKU campus” plan that is composed of: 1) the master plan of the University, 2) managing student dormitory zones, 3) managing staff residential zones, 4) building the  University landmark, 5) renovating the Complex, 6) renovating the area around Sirikunakorn Building, 7) building parking lots,” said Dr. Narongchai.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D. said that after he became the President, the first thing to do was making the Master Plan of Khon Kaen University. The existing master plan was over 20 years old, and it needs to be renewed to be in line with the policies of Khon Kaen University Council. The second mission is building more dormitories, as there will be around 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students staying in university dormitories, not to count over 22,000 more students living outside the campus in good or bad conditioned housing. The area of 11 rais in the northern part of the campus has been designated for building five 8-story dormitories that can house 2,000 students. The other area is behind the gas station. This is about 13 rais of land where more dormitories can be constructed for 3,000 students. Therefore, there will be accommodation for 5,000 more students. The campus will be pleasantly rehabilitated with co-space where everyone can have a meeting or work together. There will be sports ground for exercising and more recreational space, which will be air-conditioned and provided with rest rooms.”

“The third issue is the residential area and the South Campus Zone, which will be opposite the Science Museum at Si Than Lake. This area can be used to build 4 residential dormitories for personnel. The area measures 16.5 rais, enough to build 960 units, both single rooms and family rooms, with the central area, a swimming pool, sports ground, relaxing zone for the staff to live with good quality. There will also be working space and shuttle buses passing.”

The fourth issue is the KKU Landmark. KKU Square will be the place for this purpose. It will be like a gathering place for the alumni, with a photographing mark so that the alumni will be impressed when returned. The place will be the identity of KKU, with modern and beautiful design that matches the usage. The zone on the right is the botanical garden that can be reinvented so that students can use more than before. A skywalk will be constructed to connect to the Information Center and Sirikunakorn building.”

The final issue is the parking space of the University, for people who come to Srinagarind Hospital, Dental Hospital, Queen Sirikit Heart Cente parking space for staff themselves. Each day, there are many thousands cars coming into the university and require a parking place. Therefore, more commercial zones will emerge, making more incomes for the people,” added the President.

Asst. Prof. Arwut Yimtae, Vice President for Infrastructure and Environment gave a talk on “Action and Implementation”. The Section is assigned by the University Council and the University to carry out plans according to the Master Plan, in order to reinvent the campus. The work will be done under the Division of Buildings and the Division of Environmental Management. The mission is aimed at making Khon Kaen University campus a “Great Place to Live”.

Asst. Prof. Surapon Nesusin, Ph.D. talked on “Participation of KKU Community in Reinventing the KKU Campus”. The Faculty and Staff Senate has carried out the works in putting the different recommendations and suggestions received into effect in order to bring benefits to the university in accordance with the missions stipulated.

Those who attended then asked questions, which were answered by the President.

The talk on “Reinventing KKU Campus” is available for watching at:

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