Faculty of Sciences steps ahead towards excellence through a life-long learning program development and design

January 13, 2022 from 8:30 a.m. to 16:00 p.m., Room 8104, 8th Floor, Sc. 08 – The Faculty of Sciences held training on the design and development of a life-long learning program, led by Asst. Prof. Weerachai Sarakorn, Ph.D., Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs. Two trainers were Asst. Prof. Anucha Somabut, Ph.D., Acting Director of the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assoc. Prof. Wissapat Chaichuay, Ph.D., Chairman of BiS Program, the New-Generation of Graduate Project (iSchool KKU). The objective was for the participants to use the knowledge obtained in designing programs that match the plans of the Faculty of Sciences in 2022, when enrollment is expected to increase by the opening of at least 20 life-long learning courses at the diploma level and courses under the credit bank system.

Asst. Prof. Anucha explained about the world mega trends that affect the business, social, economic, cultural sectors and the daily living of people. There are new occupations and future occupations. Therefore, former learning styles have changed. Age ranges no longer limit learners’ learning. People need to learn, develop themselves at all time. In addition, a crisis has been found in higher education, that is, the number of undergraduate students decreases. This necessitates the education sector and universities to transform by designing new programs that match the interest of each learner and for the learner to learn all through his life. In order to achieve what is said, 4 pillars have to be taken into account, namely, Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to live together, and Learning to be. The important basis for these pillars is the Learning & Innovation Skills – 4Cs, including: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. Learners do not only learn to complete the program content, but also to acquire these skills. As a result, learners will re-learn and re-skill, up-skill and finally have multi-skills that enable them to learn all through their lives. The design of instruction emphasizes Self-Directed Learning. Learners are able to register the selected course and accumulate the credits or transfer credits. When a learner has accumulated enough credits according to the criteria in the Module / Course / Training, he or she is entitled to receive the Transcripts / Certificate / Diploma / or Degree in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Wissapat Chaichuay, Ph.D., Chairman of BiS Program gave a talk under the topic: “Creative Brief/Learning Strategy” and conducted a workshop on the principles and factors in designing life-long learning programs for efficiency of learning.


Thanks for the news information from Asst. Prof. Weerachai Sarakorn, Ph.D., Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Sciences



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