Something to be proud of! KKU researcher wins the 2021 National Outstanding Researcher Award in Education

Continuous dedication to research and the outcomes of research demonstrate creativity and academic benefits as well as ethics of the researcher. These are the outstanding qualities behind the prize awarded to Asst. Prof. Niwat Srisawasdi, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Research and Creative Innovation of the Faculty of Education, the qualities that can be the example of researchers in the same field. The 2021 National Outstanding Researcher Award was judged by the Association of Deans of Faculties of Education in Thailand. The awardee received the prize from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Srindhorn on January 4, 2021, along with other awardees.

Asst. Prof. Niwat Srisawasdi, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Research and Creative Innovation of the Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, revealed about the award that it is from the whole work outcomes of the researcher ever since he became a lecturer of Khon Kaen University 11 years ago. The work submitted and presented is divided into 3 parts:

“The first part is on the new bodies of knowledge constructed after I became a lecturer. The new knowledge and application of research in educational development had to be described on how the knowledge was constructed and is useful for the profession.”

“The second part explains the capacity. If we are to assess the capacity in research, how do we assess it? For example, does the research answer the national education issue? Is there any process taken in contemporary research work? Can the research topic fill the gap of the national problem such as solving the educational gap or inequality?”

“Part 3 is on the value of the researcher, or academic integrity, ethics and moral of researchers in being a researcher in the field of education. Research work in the field must be useful for the public and others. The work must not duplicate others’ work and the research must meet the criteria for conducting research on human,” said Asst. Prof. Niwat.

Research in the field of education that shows creativity, concrete benefits, and is outstanding by Asst. Prof. Niwat includes, from the beginning, projects related to the development of learning management in science and KKU Smart Learning Academy. Asst. Prof. Niwat sees that the decision of the Committee was based on obtaining new bodies of knowledge from research as well as the use and developmental outcomes in a wide circle.

“The Committee considered the prizes from the new knowledge constructed from research processes. The knowledge must not be left there, but it has to be applied and transferred to teachers and schools under the project. There are now more than 200 schools that use the science learning management based on digital technology. There are two main projects under this that I want to share.”

“The first project has been supported by NRC. It is the management of science learning using center technology or the process of investigative science learning based on digital technology. We learned how to use different types of digital technology to enable the new generation learners to learn science better. The project conducted at that time was able to answer the issue of NRC and I also acquire some knowledge after I completed my PhD degree.”

“The other part of this reward is the KKU Smart Learning Academy Project. This is similar to the Technology Transfer Project. Owing to the continuous research grant by NRC and the opportunities given from the KKU Smart Learning Academy carried out in 20 provinces in Isan and in over 200 schools, we were able to apply the knowledge systematically and experimented at the schools for a period of 4-5 years under the Social Devotion Policy of Khon Kaen University. This policy emphasizes the use of research outcomes to solve social problems and for the community to receive utmost benefits from the work of the University,” said Asst. Prof. Niwat Srisawasdi.

The Royal Awards for the “2021 National Outstanding Works in Education” were selected by the Association of Deans of Faculties of Education in Thailand. This year, the awarding ceremony was held on January 4, 2021. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn bestowed the prize on and gave an audience to the awardees of this year. Assoc. Prof. Sumalee Chaicharoen, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Education led the lecturers of the Faculty who were awarded to the ceremony. Among the awardees of 2021 were: Assoc. Prof. Jarunee Chamat, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Education and Quality Development, who received the National Outstanding Lecturer Award; Asst. Prof. Niwat Srisawasdi, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Research and Education Creative Innovation, who received the National Outstanding Researcher Prize; Dr. Sanit Srikhun, a lecturer of the Curriculum and Instruction Department, who received the Outstanding Researcher Award; Dr. Phawat Chaiphidet, a lecturer of the Science Study Department, receiving the National Outstanding Thesis Award (Ph.D. level); Ajarn Chinapat Chanruang, a teacher of the Kindergarten Section of Khon Kaen University Demonstration School, receiving the Outstanding Thesis Award (Master’s Degree level); and Assoc. Prof. Samphan Phanphruek, Ph.D., receiving the Honorary Dean Award.


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