Science Park launches “NaYoon (Nice to Live)”, a complete property platform for home finders, and supports Local Startup to find business partners all over the country

November 16, 2021 – The Science Park, Khon Kaen University held an event called NESP Unbox Episode 2, launching the “NaYoo – A complete property platform for home finders”. The opening session was presided over by Dr. Apichai Wongsriworapon, Director of the Science Park, who conveyed the opening and welcoming speech. The Unbox opening session was joined by Khun Phakkanat Boonchoedchaiya, and Khun Pachara Chin-on, CEOs of Na Yoo Corporation Co.Ltd., and Khun Wasan Kositwut, Representative from SCG Distribution Co. Ltd. The session was also attended by entrepreneurs, the press and the interested public under good guards against the spread of COvid-19 at the Beegins Co-Working Space, the main building of the Northeast Science Park, Khon Kaen.

The “Na Yoo Platform” is a start-up invested by SCG Distribution Co. Ltd. It is the newest platform developed to directly target those who are looking for a house in each province in Thailand. The platform includes complete information related to houses in new projects, condominiums, townhomes, land, second-handed properties, rental rooms and dormitories. All of these can be searched in just one platform and so answers all dimensions of the needs of whoever is looking for a house in all provinces. The house finder will be able to get a house at the best price with the best conditions. The platform also presents a new business model that enables more access and better assists house finders in each province.

Dr. Apichai Wongsriworapon, the Science Park Director of KKU said, “The NESP Unbox is organized with an aim to support Start-up entrepreneurs, customers of the Northeast Science Park (Khon Kaen) and to build a chance for the entrepreneurs’ products or services to be known at a broader circle. The Science Park is promoting the Innovation Eco-System as the key mechanism that allows collaboration among the governmental sector, the educational sector, the private sector, investors, and local communities, which will lead to higher competitive competence and sustainable growth of the Start-ups.

Khun Phakkanat Boonchoedchaiya, a founder and a CEO of Na Yoo Corporation Co. Ltd., said, “Na Yoo is a Property Platform, the first of its kind developed to allow house finders to locate the best house for them in their province. The platform compiles the information related to residential places in all provinces, including new housing estate projects, condos, land, townhomes, second-handed properties, and information on rental places and dormitories. It therefore lessens searching time and the decision making time. It also supports businesses of project owners, brokers, dormitory owners and developers to have another channel online and have easier access to their targeted customers in each province.”

Khun Phakkanat went on to say that “NaYoo” began in Khon Kaen. It is a new business model that emphasizes access and assistance for people looking for a living place of each province. It operates under a business partnership style that consists of two major components, the partner who takes care of and assists customers of each province and the technological platform that connects the customers of each province with the property information with ease and rapidity. The information is complete and always updated, enabling the house finders to contact the project owner, agent, or owner of a dormitory directly within the platform. Users can ask for information and compare the prices more easily. “NaYoo” is now looking for partners in each province who want to join in building a property society in each province and developing the locality to grow sustainably with “NaYoo”. The company is planning to expand the number of users of the platform to cover all provinces within 2024.”

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