Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, KKU, is offering a new program on “Performance Practice” – the first in Thailand under the new instructional paradigm

Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Khon Kaen University is going to offer a new undergraduate program in Performance Practice, bearing the degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Performance Practice (B.F.A.). It is the first program in performance practice in Thailand that will also be run under the new instructional paradigm.

The program will be aimed towards outcome-based learning, emphasizing competency and is managed in modules. Professors will take a new role as a coach instead of a lecturer. The teaching and learning will be experiential-based, answering the needs for personalized learning. The learning methods will include flipped classroom, experiential learning, project-based learning, problem-based and research-based instruction. Learning will be integrated with work, and the new curriculum has been designed according to the social needs. Teaching will be done online and on site at real entrepreneurial places as well as in communities so that the students can acquire the competency and skills necessary for the 21st Century.

The program has been modified from the former performance arts program into the new 2022 modified program version. The Committee that was revising the program took into account the economic factors and impacts, the 5-year National Development Plans (2022-2027), the abrupt changing tendency of technologies and innovations. The “indigenous social and cultural areas” have been looked at, for Khon Kaen is situated in the middle of Isan Region. The place itself is abundant with art and cultural heritages. Thus the performance art is considered important as it is the Isan cultural foundation. The performance practices will be transferred through creativity in this program.

The program has been developed and designed to train graduates to become a “creator and practitioner in performance”, who will be able to drive forward the social and community economy using idea bases and performance tools to create performance works, thinking process and new methods that are combined with western principles and tools as well as understanding the multiplicity of art and culture. Innovations and technologies will be the important variables for acquisition of new bodies of knowledge and creativity from local wisdom. As such, the potentialities and capabilities in production of performance arts will have the international qualities that can build experiences and perception of contemporary performance arts among a broad circle of audience, both at the community and international levels. Ultimately, this will add to the economic values of Isan and Thai community and society through “performance art”.

In order to achieve the mentioned objectives and details, the program learning outcomes have been laid to cover knowledge, skills, practices and the life-long learning skills as follows:

Major Competency

PLO1:  Storytelling Skills (ST)

PLO2: Performance Making Skills (PM)

Supplementary Competency

PLO3: Applied Performance Skills (AP)

PLO4: Digital Media and Technology Skills (DT)

PLO5: Performance Management Skills (PM)


The graduates from this program will have the principle competency in performance by “action”. That is to say, they will be able to “perform” well, “think” well and able to “use” performance. They also have the skills and expertise as follows: 1) they are a performance creator and practitioner, 2) they are a performance manager, both on stage and back stage, and are able to apply the knowledge and skills in many working situations just like a professional, and 3) they are an applier, promoter, and developer of contemporary cultures, creating and driving forward contemporary art and culture with good tastes and on the basis of multiple cultural respect, having the professional ethics, moral, and integrity. Graduates are also expected to be able to learn quickly and will not stop developing themselves to catch up with the changing world and society.


Who are suitable for this program?

Anyone who is passionate, loves and has some skills in performance, which can be acting, singing rapping, dancing, being an MC, playing musical instruments, etc.

Anyone who is passionate and loves story-telling, performing, designing performance, communicating through performance both on stage, in front of camera or by means of social media, dares to think and create, loves challenging things, and dares to create differences.

Anyone who is passionate and loves to work backstage, work in a team, is a creator, a manager and propels the front stage performance towards a success

Required Qualifications:

A 12th grader or equivalent in the academic year 2021 or a person who has completed Grade 12 or equivalent, with the GPAX (for 5 semesters) not lower than: 00

The program is ready to start in 2022.

The enrolment is for 30 seats only.

Application is only by the PORTFOLIO.

Interested please visit: Facebook Fan page: Performance Practice KKU


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