Faculty of Education’s meeting on Strategic Planning, ‘Rethinking the Future of Education’

May 25, 2021 – Faculty of Education of Khon Kaen University held a meeting under the 2022 Strategic Planning Project of the Faculty. Participants included the administrators of the Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University Demonstration School, Chairmen of Curricular Administrative Committees, lecturers, and heads of different units. The meeting was organized online, with Assoc. Prof. Sumalee Chaicharoen, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty conveying the opening address. Among key attendants was Assoc. Prof. Isara Kanjak, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Strategies and Organization Development.

The meeting also featured a special talk on “Future of Education” by Khun Arinya Thaloengsri, Chief Capability Officer & Managing Director, SEAC. At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Sumalee Chaicharoen, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty reported on the 2021 work outcomes of the Faculty, which resulted from strong cooperation among staff members of all units and departments.

Assoc. Prof. Sumalee Chaicharoen added, “With the present situation, the work of the Faculty of Education still reflects the efficient connection between the supporting elements and the challenges we have been facing during the fiscal year 2021. All of these affect the strategic planning of the Faculty for the fiscal year 2022. Today, we are honored to have an experienced and competent speaker whose talk would inspire us to incorporate the knowledge obtained in planning the Faculty’s strategies and proceed in the same direction towards the Faculty’s goal.”


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